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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not an Essay

The day job has been extra special wacky and busy lately, and I am wiped out from doing what I must do first, and my work/life balance is in a state making the essay format I usually attempt in this space temporarily beyond my reach. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, I’ve come to appreciate the simple condition of having a day job in Barry’s dysconomy. I believe I’ve coined this term. It has the following definition, or it will, when Webster’s stumbles upon my blog.



A kind of “free” sort of “market” economy in which the complex of bureaucratic regulation and taxation prevents growth in the complex of human activities concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

So I’ve decided to string together a series of short commentaries, which is a format anyone familiar with my superior work on the comment boards knows I use as a stretching exercise.


The Snyder v. Phelps case is decidedly NOT a “free speech” case. It is nothing but a garden variety civil harassment case. Fred Phelps’ gang of lunatics are randomly selecting victims for harassment, based on an insane world view. Exactly like Al Qaeda, for example. (The only difference being the level of appropriate response; civil law vs. war footing.)

The modus operandi of the Phelps gang reminds me of the shooter at 1:00 and 1:15 in this 1979 Steve Martin movie trailer.


Gloria All-Red (phonetic hat tip to Mark Levin) is a case study in the Liberal cause overreach we examined in my October 3rd post, “The Trouble With Liberals.” The committed liberal is always willing to play fast and loose with professional ethics, and sacrifice pawns as collateral damage, in their mad zeal to score wins for the cause. Nicky Diaz will be the victim of the unintended consequences this time, when she is deported as a direct result of Ms. Allred’s malpractice.

Let’s look at the trailer from “The Jerk” again – Ms. Allred aimed at Steve Martin and hit the oil cans.


Gene Cranick of Obion County lost his house to fire while fully equipped firefighters stood idly by and watched it burn to the ground. The blogger Dr. Zero examined this perverse scene in his post “Chumponomics.”

The real problem is government services that have become so bloated they can no longer be supported by straight up taxation models, and need to be supported by bogus “insurance” models. See Social Security for the same basic problem writ large. The difference: expect to get screwed even if you have paid into the SSA system.


The poll that stands as the thematic glue for this blog project is the Gallup poll showing far more Americans self-identifying as conservative than liberal – combined, that is, with my personal lifelong befuddlement at the American electorate’s propensity for voting for Liberal politicians with policies against its’ own interests.

Well, in 2010, for the first time in my lifetime since 1994, the Liberal politicians have reached too far and party preference is beginning to align with American voter ideological preference. This is making the Liberal media complex nervous.

There was a great deal of chattering in the chattering class last week due to a Rasmussen poll showing race relations worsening since the first black President (well, half black anyway) was elected. The reason is not his racial composition. The reason is his ideological bent – which has alienated every voting bloc now except for blacks.  Largely because of his party's well documented twitch for using the race card at all times in every argument.

Barry’s contribution to American political history is more and more likely now to be this – the disappearance of the Democrat Party. The only remaining faithful he has besides blacks – white liberals – have spent this cycle building a record of infamy to assist in the demise of his Democrat Party.


The government’s monthly jobs report just came out – just in time to seal mid-term electoral doom for BHO and the Progressives. “Official” unemployment remains stuck at 10%, and “real” unemployment stuck at 17%, because BHO and the Progressives remain stuck on stupid in their destructively mistaken belief that economies can be stimulated by top-down government spending.

I couldn’t capture the problem with this theory, and its practitioners, any better than these Townhall cartoonists have.

So, let’s make this the result on November 2nd.


Earlier this week, my teenage son shared this Go Remy video with me. It would have fit neatly into my September 7 Post.

You’d think after 800 billion bucks or more, at least all the escalators would work.


Have a Happy Columbus Day, patriots, while it’s still permissible to remember the ODWMs (Old Dead White Men) connected to the rise of the western hemisphere as mankind’s last best hope.
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  1. I noticed another blogger mentioning the "dysfunctional economy" in one of his essays.

    I believe you're onto something...

  2. I will likely never know if you're serious in your commentary, or simply putting the inherent stupidity of the conservative ethos on display in ways that make it impossible to take seriously.

    The end result is the same either way, and any thinking person (at least anyone walking on two legs) reading you can only conclude conservatism has nothing to offer besides endless comedy.

    Congratulations. You've succeeded beyond the dreams of Cobert, and even threaten Mort Sahl's position as 'Intergenerational Iconoclast'.

  3. @Joseph: Let me be perfectly clear … make no mistake … I am completely serious about saving the republic from the Progressive horde that seeks to destroy it, using the mockery page from Alinksy’s playbook. I’m guessing you are not actually so stupid as to fail to grasp this point, and you are instead employing the tired old progressive play “change the subject and attack.”

    Btw - next time, have the cojones to comment on the top post, so more of my readers can enjoy seeing me slap you around in reply.

    I do like the ‘Intergenerational Iconoclast’ thing though, it feels comfortable.

  4. @LOS - Take no prisoners!
    @Joseph - I recommend you go to both Colbert and Stewart's rallys, and bask in the full glory of the last hurrah of the progressive movement. We're taking over starting November 3!

  5. I will likely never know if you're serious in your comments, or basically placing the natural absurdity of the traditional ethos on show in methods that create it difficult to take seriously. do my assignment for me

    1. The pretentious is strong in this one. The stupid even stronger.


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