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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Campaign Strategy Exclusive: Jack Wiley Dithers

(AP) – Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.

Our cracker jack investigative journalism team predicted the White House mid-term campaign strategy would rely on insulting the vast majority of Americans, simply because it’s who they are. In anticipation of scooping the rest of the media, we sent our White House source, with his shoe recorder, on a dangerous undercover mission into a White House Men’s room. Unfortunately, the “botcha-galoot” (that’s Ellis Island Italian for “cabbage-head”) ran the shoe recorder through his laundry before bringing it back to us, and it’s taken this long to recover the transcript. And now those effete, latte-sippin’, martini swillin’ Lefties at the Poilitico can claim they scooped us just because they can afford to have a source at a $30,000/ plate Leftie fund raiser.

Well, anyway, thanks to the great yeoman’s work of our A-V geek, who spent most of his time restoring an 18 ½ minute gap in the middle, here’s the White House Men’s Room transcript.


{sound of running sink water}

Obama: {singing lightly} “Everybody Loves Me …”

{main door opens}

Obama: Hey, Joe, what you plannin’ on?

Biden: It’s a three letter word that starts with S.


Biden: Seriously, Barack, that was one big effin’ deal when Soros bailed out.

Obama: Yeah, it was unexpected. I talked with Michelle about it last night. Michelle said, “Barack, honey, just remember what got you elected.” And I said, “Yeah, that’s the problem, it was his money.” Then she said, “No, silly, it was what you did with the money. Now, take the last toke and sleep on it.”

Biden: Hmmmmm. It’s still a big effin’ deal, if you ask me.

{main door opens}

Obama: Hey, David, what’s up?

Axelrod: Just got off a call with Ayers and Carville. We were trying to figure out what to do now that the foreign money theme is falling flat with the media.

Obama: Hit me.

Axelrod: Well, Carville said “Remember What got us elected.” And I said, “what, the hopey-changey sloganeering crap?” Then he said, “No, the stupid electorate buying it!” After we laughed our asses off, I said, “You know what, you might be on to somethin’ here” So, we noodled around with it a little bit, and came up with this - energize the base by reminding them the other 70% are idiots.

Obama: Hmmmm, not bad, Joe, what do you think?

{stall door opens}

Biden: What, with my pants around my ankles? Yeah, I guess it ‘s alright.

Axelrod: So, we gotta get you guys out on the campaign trail with the talking points. Barack, Deval Patrick has a fund raiser goin’ on up in Mass – we think Kerry will be there, too.

Obama: Good, Kerry’s good with the “everybody else is a moron” schtick – I’m likin’ it. Tell me more.


{stall door opens}

Biden: Send me to Delaware. I’m dyin’ to take out the witch for the Marxist.

Axelrod: Already on the schedule.

Obama: Give me a Team Genius on three! One, two, three …


{main door opens}


Jack Wiley Dithers reporting.



Update 10/21

The Left Wing stupid parade, that will soon take its ideological adherents over the edge of the political irrelevance cliff, has picked up its pace. Once again demonstrating Leftie disdain for the First Amendment, and Leftie enslavement to Political Correctness, taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio (NPR) has fired long time liberal analyst Juan Williams for violating its political speech code.

Memo to NPR pinheads: You just went to the head of the line for de-funding by the new Conservative Congress in 2011. For your sake, I hope your foreign sugar daddy, George Soros, has deep enough pockets to cover next year’s budget hole. Hey, maybe that seditious Hamas-linked Jihadi front group known as CAIR can kick in a few bucks, too.

Rest assured, the Leftist pinheads at NPR, under peer pressure from the Left’s wing nuts, will continue their PC purification pogrom. Word on the street is Mara Liasson is next. Maybe they’ll replace her by taking Helen Thomas out of retirement.

And, now I can add NPR to HuffingtonPost on the list of Leftie comment boards fearing my brilliance.

So, it’s LAS 2, Williams 1 - in the speech code violation sweepstakes. LMAO!

For me it’s a game, for him it’s his living, and of course that’s the difference. Good luck going forward, Mr. Williams.

And, Mr. Williams sticks the landing!
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  1. Oh - and that Youtube video?....
    "ppppppplease fight for me"
    Epic failure!
    Read the comments:
    I think this will go down in the history books as the most pathetic presidency ever. He may end up with the lowest approval rating of an exiting president in recent history - and he is exiting. No second term for this whiner!

  2. And, Jethro, How about this reply? Wow.

  3. Nice image, I think Conservatives are very energized. Should be interesting on election day.

    Right Truth

  4. My family is from WV, so I can empathize with her about the mountaintop removal. Maybe she now realizes cronies like Byrd, Rockefeller, etc were profiting from those "evil", out of state corporations that are doing this. She is naive to dream that Obama gives a crap!

    Liberals live in a fragile mental state. They survive by believing the propaganda the elite feed them about a lollipop and unicorn utopia.
    Anyone who is in the “liberal elite” is really a progressive statist. Anyone who is not "elite" but still calls himself a “liberal” is merely a sheep...

    There is an energy answer - Thorium.
    Look it up....

  5. Well, the whole, " vote for us because you are...liek...stoopid," meme isn't catching on either.

    I wonder what is next, SEIU goons at every polling place? I say that only because the existing supply of Black Panthers is insufficient.


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