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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thoughts on Reaping and Sowing

I know I suggested to my small cult of dedicated followers my next post might be on the topic of possible constitutional amendments. Sorry, folks, I overpromised. Such a serious undertaking requires appropriate due diligence, and will take a little more time. So, what I have to offer here is the customary, occasional, somewhat bi-weekly, Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010 update.

The theme behind this update is Biblical (it only seemed appropriate following Easter Sunday).

2 Corinthians 9:6 But as to this, he that sows sparingly will also reap sparingly; and he that sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 7 Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

A little clarification for you Lefties out there: the giving part refers to your own stuff, not other people’s stuff.

The Most Partisan and Ideological Administration in History has been busy reaping and sowing since our last update. These Incompetents are mostly beginning the reaping in foreign affairs; mostly still sowing in domestic affairs.

Foreign Affairs

In foreign affairs, the current administration is reaping what it sowed in 2009 with its global Apology Tour. Barack Hussein Obama is now the first President ever to have his phone calls screened by an Israeli Prime Minister. And for good reason - Mr. Netanyahu never knows when a minor administrative gaffe in his government will require him fly to DC, just to be left sitting all alone in a White House anteroom. After this brilliant diplomatic maneuver (it’s right there on page 5 of the State Department Diplomats Training Manual – ‘always treat your allies like s**t'), Mr. Obama reportedly presented Mr. Netanyahu with 13 unreasonable demands and sent him packing. Then, a few days later, Mr. Obama stood shoulder to shoulder with French President Nicholas Sarkozy to demand Israel do the one thing every sentient being on the planet knows they will never do – stop building settlements in Jerusalem. Personally, I wouldn’t blame Mr. Netanyahu for answering every call from the White House with “wrong number’” - in a Chinese accent - after this rapid fire series of insults.

Mr. Obama’s charm has been at work north and east of Israel as well. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad still has not accepted Mr. Obama’s offer for a nice little chat to save the world from god knows what. Ahmadinejad did, however, accept an invitation to travel to Kabul to discuss god knows what with the President of Afghanistan, Harmad Karzai. Mr. Karzai also recently played host to Mr. Obama, when the US President paid an unannounced visit to Kabul, to work more of the Obama charm while presenting another long list of demands he has no leverage or influence to affect. Hey, you do the math - hardly a surprise that Karzai is now hedging his bets with the Taliban. The Afghanistan trip is the Thermotron ‘Events’ poster child – because making a huge splash with an ugly belly flop has been the one true hallmark of this White House.

Of course, the core problem is this: Mr. Obama is pursuing the wrong goal in both Afghanistan and Iran. Our goal in Afghanistan is to simply clear the country of Taliban and related terrorists, who might attack us in the global War on Terror. Sure, Harmad Karzai is a corrupt guy. He runs Kabul, for crying out loud, not some wholesomely ethical US City (like, say, Chicago). But he’s the only friend we’ve got in Afghanistan. We should be treating him like a friend while we need his help, and leaving him in a strong position to prevent a new rise of the Taliban and related terrorists after we leave. Period. The goal in Iran is to prevent the current regime from acquiring nuclear weapons. Mr. Obama had a chance to change the entire effin’ regime - to one that might not have wanted these weapons, by encouraging and aiding the Green Movement protest movement when it arose during last year’s phony Iranian elections. Opportunity apparently lost. Instead, Obama continues to pursue the tired old failed path of multi-lateral negotiations. And while bickering with our only real friend in the region – Israel! Now acting bi-laterally with our only regional friend seems impossible. Smooth diplomacy, Mr. Obama.

I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded Iran (a) is close to possessing nuclear weapons, (b) borders Afghanistan where we have troops, (c) borders Iraq where we have troops, (c) funds or has funded terrorist operations in Iraq, (d) funds or has funded terrorist operations in Afghanistan, (d) funds a combination political party / terrorist organizations in Palestine, and (d) is on record with the policy of wiping Israel off the map. Soon, you may see LibertyAtStake improbably recommending an acceleration of US troop withdrawal timelines in both Iraq and Afghanistan. With a Commander-In-Chief this incompetent, holding a well-earned diplomatic hand this weak as the fruit of his incompetence – forward troop deployment starts to look like all risk and no reward.

What’s to happen in the Middle East, and the global War on terror, as the US pulls back is anybody’s guess. The last person I’d ask is BHO. You might have to endure a 17 minute non-answer for your trouble.

Domestic Affairs

Domestically, BHO and the Progressives are shrewdly following up their pyrrhic legislative victory (ObamaCare), by having BHO go out and give speeches designed to convince a majority of Americans they actually need what they already know they don’t want. BHO has a lot of splainin’ to do to this dubious audience - this Rasmussen poll shows a clear majority supporting outright repeal of this monstrous industry takeover. We will no doubt be talking about repealing this bill right up to election. This little Daily Caller comment board dust up in which I participated is likely representative of the tone of the debate for the next seven months or so – brought to you by BHO and the Progressives.

And BHO is supposedly the “good cop” in the BHO and the Progressives act. Designated ‘bad cop’ Henry Waxman (D – Goblin Nation) has summoned several CEOs to a Congressional Show Trial. Why? Their companies had the audacity to conform with federal regulations, and restate their public accounting to show the new costs they need to bear due to the passage of ObamaCare. This is a really scary tyrannical stuff by BHO and the Progressives. They are essentially telling every business in America “follow the regulations except when we don’t want you to.” Fortunately, we still (apparently against the wishes of BHO and the Progressives) live under the rule of the Constitution, and they are again sowing the seeds of electoral defeat here. First, they demonize and alienate the health insurance industry. Now, they demonize and alienate every business that is a customer of the health insurance industry – basically, that is, every business in the country. The honorable Mr. Waxman – allegedly a professional politician interested in his party’s reelection – earns one half of the Lefty Lunacy poster child spot for perpetrating this insanity.

BHO and the Progressives never seem to run out of people to demonize and alienate. They, of course, predictably spent the last couple of weeks attempting to smear conservatives in general (and TEA Party patriots in particular) as dangerous lunatics. Once again, the dishonest tactic backfired spectacularly - when a donor to the Democrat National Committee (DNC) named Norman Leboon surfaced.  Look deep into the insane eyes of Mr. Leboon – and begin to understand the passions driving BHO’s so-called political “base” – the Leftists and Progressives. For his timely entry onto the national scene, Mr. Leboon earns the other half of the Lefty Lunacy poster child spot.

On Friday April 2, BHO told a crowd in Charlotte, NC that the addition of several thousand temporary government jobs signals the economy is “turning the corner.” Then he sent his alleged economic team out to the Sunday talk shows to tell us 10% unemployment is here to stay for awhile nevertheless. NO S**T, SHERLOCK! We’ll be lucky if 10% proves to be the ceiling as long as you clowns continue with your anti-growth policies. BHO and the Progressives continue to sow the seeds of a crappy economy that will be reaped in electoral defeat.

The GOP / TEA Party Alignment measure is a push. Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Michael Steele had a bad week, to say the least. He was buffeted by accounting scandals, reportedly told the illegal immigration lobby he could get GOP support for their cause, and most unforgivingly (in my view) played the race card in his own defense. Memo to Mr. Steele: we don’t play dat on the Right.

My own view is the RNC is essentially an obsolete organization, anyway. First, the next election cycle (probably the next two) will be influenced far more by passion than by money. And I predict the conservative money will be routed more directly to conservative candidates – GOP or otherwise – by individual principled conservative donors. Look for a plethora of Political Action Committees (PACs) to spring up with ‘Liberty’ somewhere in the name.

RNC is the negative half of the push. The positive half of the push is one Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who is responsible for writing something called the “Commitment to America,” modeled on 1994’s “Contract With America” – but with a twist. Mr. McCarthy was out on the Sunday talk shows this weekend emphasizing a bottom-up approach to developing the “Commitment.” Very Shrewd. Look for the “Commitment” to become the story of 2010, just as the “Contract” was the story of 1994.

The probability of eventually impeaching Barack Hussein Obama now stands at 40% - good enough odds for a desperate man to place a life-changing bet in Las Vegas.


I am now listening to the Grandy and Andy Morning show, and being informed BHO has essentially taken a real step toward unilaterally disarming the US nuclear deterrent. Two immediate thoughts: (1) too much to wrap by brain around right now, and (2) no good can come from this.
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