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Friday, April 23, 2010

Conspiracy Is As Conspiracy Does

Conspiracy is thick in the air of the American body politic this week. The conservative mind finds this condition simultaneously amusing and alerting.

Conspiracy theories are generally anathema to the conservative mind. We conservatives believe the most prosperous economies are those economies driven by the uncounted self-directed decisions made by individual producers and consumers. We conservatives know every top-down command driven economy in history has failed to produce prosperity for any but the elitists making the central planning decisions.

Conservatism is rooted in an understanding of the human condition. We know this universal truth every beat cop knows: any conspiracy is immediately doomed the moment you put each suspect under separate questioning. In normal conditions, holding together a massive conspiracy seems a metaphysical impossibility to the conservative mind. The conspiracy theories that seem to stick with us – 9/11 Truthers, Who Shot JFK, Bush and Enron, Cheney and Halliburton – are generally kept on life support by agitators from the Left.

However, another important attribute of the conservative mind is this: observing reality as it exists in the present, and reaching pragmatic (non-ideological) conclusions about just what the hell is going on. BHO and the Progressives have given us ample reason to start seriously considering conspiracy theories. They have lately been living up fully to Rush Limbaugh’s label as “The Regime.” So, today’s post is an uncharacteristic indulgence in conspiracy theory – just an intellectual exercise, mind you.

The last caller into my favorite morning talk radio show – WMAL’s Christ Plante Show – gave me a jump start on this post. A man identifying himself as ‘Martin,’ and speaking in an Arabic accent, called in to remind us of the old Bush/Enron chestnut. Mr. Plante immediately recognized it as the usual Leftie tactic of distraction, then shooed him away by joking Barry and Ken Lay are really the same man. That’s one for the republic.

But I digress. ‘Martin’ is merely symbolic of what’s wrong with Leftie governance. Progressives are the ideology of “groupthink.” Their small circle of thought leaders create the message, their well-heeled and well-funded organizations promote the message by any means available, and their brown shirts (like ‘Martin’) fall right in line with the message.  The 'groupthink' inevitably leads toward the disaster of lemmings marching over the edge.  While the march is in progress, the appearance of conspiracy comes naturally to these people.

Is it a coincidence the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into Goldman Sachs was launched simultaneous with Barry’s latest legislative push, so-called “Financial Reform?” Maybe not when the permanent campaign theme in this effort is demonization of Wall Street. Was it coincidence on Tax Day when an astro-turf web site popped up to promote the same lie Barry promoted with a lame joke in front of a partisan crowd? Was it coincidence when the story of rate hikes by Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield in California broke just as ObamaCare looked like it was on the ropes?

First, there’s no way to really know until We The People retake Congress and get a hold of the investigative committees with jurisdiction. But, we can certainly say a pattern is developing, can’t we? Who knows, maybe it’s the kind of pattern that could result in the suspects being separated out for individual testimony in front of the relevant Congressional committees, beginning in 2011.

The Progressives have two huge problems here. First, their propensity for “groupthink” will continue to produce the appearance of conspiracy, and constantly fuel the suspicion. Second, the wide open information age we live in will prevent them from controlling the population’s perception – except for anyone still blind enough to get all their information from the criminally biased MSM, a shrinking minority of the population.

Footnote – A Trip Down ClimateGate Memory Lane

Hey, who remembers the breakup of the Progressive conspiracy over man-made Global Warming? Video courtesy of Minnesotans for Global Warming (M4GW). (Get it – they think they might like Minnesota to be warmer.)

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  1. Things are moving fast in DC now. This just in: SEC IG to investigate White House conspiracy to coordinate the timing of the release of the Goldman Sachs charges.

    And did I mention the Goldman Sachs CEO sat dutifully and quietly in third row when Barry went up to Wall Street to wag his finger at the assembled capitalists. The plot thickens ....

  2. A caller into the Austin Hill show just rattled off another list of extraordinary timing coincidences: incl. oil spill in Gulf during offshore drilling debate, nuclear material smuggled into the nation of Georgia during the phony proliferation summit. Hmmmmmmmm .......


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