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Monday, April 12, 2010

Prelude to April 15

I went camping this weekend. While I was preparing on Friday, Sean Hannity speaking thru the AM radio wavelength made me aware of While at the camp site I found time to read an excellent article in the April print edition of the American Spectator by the magazine’s founder, R. Emmett Tyrrell. While driving back, I listened to an audio CD documenting 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival, and the outline for this post clicked in my head.

The light bulb moment (and, believe me, it’s still incandescent for me!) came while I was listening to the closing lines of one of the better Monterey Pop performances – Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” We’ll circle back to this data point.

If this latest creation of the subversive Left has its way, TEA Party patriots will be indelibly caricatured as “racists, homophobes, and morons” by means of a dishonest “false flag” operation. (“False Flag” operations are an age old military intelligence tactic for posing as the enemy and doing things under the enemy’s banner to embarrass the enemy). Their game plan is to send operatives into the middle of TEA Party rallies with signs that reinforce the negative stereotypes – these signs will have the predictable garbage on them: swastikas, N-word, explicit endorsements of violence, et cetera.

This morning I poked around their site a bit and had an unexpected reaction after a few minutes – pure mirth at their Internet incompetence.

My first reaction: they forgot to add the “gun toting maniacs” talking point to “racists, homophobes, and morons”; so how thorough can these people be anyway? Then I started to notice a high percentage of, perhaps even a majority of, the postings were by patriots mocking the Party Crashers. So far it looked like the Lefties getting pummeled by their usual lack of appreciation for Free Speech and their usual futile attempts to control speech.

Now for the mirth part. It then became apparent the Party Crashers site had actually been administratively hijacked by patriots possessing the requisite skills, at least for a time. See the screen shots in this post’s footnote documenting the claim. Who the hell are the unionized web developers and web administrators who allowed this to happen? LMAO! If you are so inclined, you can continue to watch this running battle for administrative control, as it will surely rage in the coming days. I earned my Computer Science degree in the mid 80s, so I have no intention of participating directly – but the (presumably) younger Computer Science patriots taking this particular fight to the Lefties get a hearty “shout out” from LibertyAtStake.

However, I have no illusions these Lefties have any intention of abandoning their ideological plans, despite this embarrassment. So - on with the post.

Up from Ideology

R. Emmett Tyrrell’s article in the April 2010 issue of American Spectator (“Up From Ideology”) was, for me, one of those reading experiences that just make you go “yeah, that’s it.”

I’m glad I caught it. Historically, my regular rotation for “right-wing extremist reading” has been National Review and American Spectator. (Sorry, Weekly Standard, you’re good too, but a guy has to make decisions about how to apply his finite resources.) However, given the chaos brought to us lately by BHO and the Progressives, and my related decision to get proactively involved somehow, most of that particular time allocation has been re-allocated to the care and feeding of this blog project.

First, Mr. Tyrrell brilliantly establishes the essence of “conservatism” is to be the non-ideological ideology. We conservatives are grounded in the present, subordinate politics to our normal every day pursuits, and seek to use politics as a corrective mechanism only when those normal every day pursuits are threatened by the present political environment. For example (let’s just say) – if your country is presently ruled by a gang of Progressives driving the economy into the ground, causing your personal economy to crash, and you are therefore unable to afford some or all of the activities that used to make you happy – I’m guessing you might consider activating politically.

I also like how Mr. Tyrrell holds up the French Revolutions as the perfect example of ideologues gone wild. If you felt your life’s mission were to fundamentally transform everything during your lifetime, to achieve some vague utopian agenda, you too might actually consider redefining time itself.

Mr. Tyrrell then gets into the meat of the article with a great short biography of Frank Meyer, one of the leading lights of the 1950’s and 1960’s “New Conservatism” movement, and mentor to (among many others) the great William F. Buckley, Jr. First of all, the description of Mr. Meyer’s drive and work habits makes very clear it is entirely possible to be simultaneously conservative and radical, when circumstances make it necessary. We are presently living in such a time. Mr. Meyer’s great contribution to conservative thinking was called “Fusionism” at the time. “Fusionism” provides the intellectual basis for holding together Social Conservatives and Conservative Libertarians. Fusionism explicitly finds its roots in the limited government philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Fusionism recognizes the ethical values husbanded by social conservatives are the guideposts that keep chaos and anarchy at bay, allowing conservative libertarians to pursue their individual version of happiness in a society ruled by peace. Fusionism essentially tells social conservatives that freedom of religion (meaning no government imposed restrictions) gives them the vehicle to promote ethical values, while allowing conservative libertarians to take what they need and leave the rest (meaning no government endorsement of any of it).

Remember What the Dormouse Said

Now I shall reprint the closing lines to “White Rabbit.” Grace Slick wrote the song making reference to LSD trips and the children’s classic “Alice in Wonderland.” This type of “Through the Looking Glass” type of experience is what we as a nation are now entering politically, beginning in earnest with the April 15 TEA Party rallies.

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the red queen's off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
“Feed your head, feed your head”

Dedicated Lefties such as the TEA Party Crashers will be hell bent on engaging in whatever strange subterfuge they can conceive to turn the TEA Party uprising on its head. Lefties with provocative signs, designed specifically to be sensationalized by the MSM, will likely be at your TEA Party rally. Fortunately for me (and you) I had a ‘dormouse’ named William F. Buckley (blog archive : ’Baseline Thoughts – Liberty and Me’ : January 2, 2010), who had ‘dormice’ of his own like Frank Meyer. If I learned anything watching Mr. Buckley on ‘Firing Line’ with an impressionable young mind, it was this: best to eviscerate your ideological opponents one-on-one in full documentary view of the camera lens. So, here’s the plan, Patriots.

Rule #1: Bring your easily affordable personal digital recording devices to the April 15 rally.

Rule #2: Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your family or friends to see uploaded to YouTube. (Leave that to the Lefties).

If you see a Leftie carrying a sign with any of the dead giveaways (swastika, N-word, etc.), make sure they know you are filming them and you are not one of their MSM sympathizers. If you are the non-confrontational type – thank you, you’ve already done enough to get the gears grinding in their paranoid little pinheads.

If, however, you are more confident in your confrontation management skills –

a) Call for documentary backup in the unlikely event MSM is anywhere nearby,

b) Keep rule #2 in mind,

c) Start by politely asking the Leftie to ditch the sign,

d) Follow your own lights based on the opponent’s reaction.

I think it will be buckets of fun. I’ve got a sign to make, hope you enjoyed the read.

Footnote: The Battle of Party Crashers Administrative Control

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  1. "While I was preparing on Friday, Sean Hannity speaking thru the AM radio wavelength made me aware of "

    Wow. I was actually going to read your lousy post, until you started with this insightful gem: you listen to Sean Hannity. You have no clue what "liberty" is if you listen to assclowns like Sean Hannity. I bet you can't wait to get some big Glenn Beck dick in your mouth too?
    "Subversive left?" It's because of people like you, America will fail in 50 years.

  2. Try to say something useful next time, dummy.


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