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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Status Report

Astute readers of this blog have surely noticed the rate of postings here has dramatically declined during this month of June 2012.  There are several factors at play.

First, there is the professional dimension.  I have been nominated by my boss for two project rescues in a row.  I’ve been doing some big cat herding lately for pay, which means the pro bono blogging needed to take a back seat.

The first rescue is a classic case of a junior Project Manager (the one I replaced) following the form of the administrative process and exercising zero leadership.  Throw in a notoriously difficult executive stakeholder he lacked the chops to go toe-to-toe with, and overworked developers hiding under their desks as a survival response … and people were beginning to notice he couldn’t even baseline a schedule anybody could trust.  The schedule is now base-lined and under my change management control.  The executive stakeholder is sure to continue to be a pain in the a$$ - it’s who she is - but we understand each other now.  I have the attention of the developers, and visible work product is now being created. 

The most interesting relationship on this one looks like it will be with the customer relationship manager.  She’s one of those high-strung obsessive compulsives who likes to tell people what to do in minute detail.  For example, on Friday I had no choice but to put an end to an extended email thread with this: “How many ways are there to say something was written, will be reviewed, and then approved?  Point of diminishing returns reached. J.”  We’re working together as a team just fine so far.

The root cause for the second rescue is the complete opposite.  It was driven into the ground by a know-it-all senior engineer that communicated nothing to no one before unveiling what she assumed was a production ready system to the entire enterprise.  Needless to say … a highly visible crash and burn was the result.  I had the kickoff meeting for the restart this past Friday, to assert my dominance over a managed iterative delivery process.  The key stakeholders are meeting with me on Monday to elaborate the scope for delivery iteration 1.

The interesting twist on this one is my boss is a key stakeholder, another is his political rival, who oversaw the disaster, and the executive stakeholder is boss to both of them.  Should be loads of fun.


My personal life has also required a good deal of attention to detail lately.  This is not the space to go into further detail. 

So, that’s it … the report from the brick and mortar world; the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and H2O world; explaining the blog’s diminished pace for delivering the conservative rants my loyal readership has enjoyed since December 2009.


But, even with these real world considerations, the plain  fact is the need for this blog’s mission – “Because the only good Progressive is a failed Progressive” – is disappearing before our very eyes.  By this standard, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama is on a rocket slide toward becoming the best Progressive ever.

The economy still sucks and even gives signs of turning downward again.  This condition is due to the Progressive and Keynesian policy program inflicted upon the republic by the Alinskyite Socialist in the White House:  tax, spend, borrow, and zealously regulate.  When these policies are reversed, by his removal from office, an economic boom will be touched off as trillions of spooked investment dollars currently on the sidelines come roaring back into the economy at large.

Iran’s nuclear weapons program continues apace, due to Barry’s typically defeatist and inert Progressive approach to foreign affairs.  Lucky for western civilization Israel is under management that has no delusions about the need to defend itself.  If and when Israel does what it needs to do, this will not be good political news for the Empty Suit that Began His Worldwide Apology Tour with His Islamic Appeasement Speech in Cairo.

Speaking of Cairo, and naïve Progressive notions about the world at large, the so-called Egyptian ‘Arab Spring’ has resulted in the election of a President beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).  That’s not the Islamic Shriners, by the way … more like the Islamic MS13.  IMHO, it is fortunate for western civilization that the professional Egyptian Army, very Americanized due to close military-to-military relations for decades, has assumed the powers of the dissolved parliament that was also MB dominated after popular elections.  If the MB wins this power struggle with the Army brass, Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel will be worthless, and there will likely be war in the Sinai desert.  We need new management in DC willing to back the Egyptian Army for the cause of peace.

Returning back to the domestic scene, the #OccupyWhatever mob, behind whom Barry foolishly threw his prestige and sympathy, has reached the stage of terminal irrelevance.  Despite the corrupt and biased liberal media’s best efforts, the #OccupyWhatever mob shall be accurately recorded by history as not much more than a garden variety youth gang crime wave.  Unofficially funded by the Democrat party, that is. 


Well, you get the picture … Jimmy Carter writ large, for those of you old enough to remember that national disaster - with a side of Saul Alinksy for an extra kick.  Botton line: there is not a snowball’s chance in hell Barry gets re-elected.  Part 26 of the “Newton’s Three Law’s” series will explain further.  LAS has been collecting links to collate into Part 26.  It’s not hard.  All I have to do is browse my way down my blog roll and the myriad of epic failures attributable to the Progressive in the White House jump out at me, as does the growing awareness of the American public, despite the mass hoodwinking being attempted by the corrupt and biased liberal media.

I twice abandoned this month a Jack Wiley Dithers piece, lacking the capacity to fully draft and edit it.  Earlier in the month, when the Campaigner-In-Chief was jetting off on Air Force One to west coast fundraisers while ignoring the D-Day anniversary, I had an idea for a desperate private campaign meeting on the airplane captured by a JWD operative … a flight attendant plant brought on to the JWD payroll for her … ahem .. unique assets.  Later in the month the idea morphed into a long string of desperate campaign conservations captured by a recording device injected into Barry’s favorite basketball … delayed by tedious editing required to remove all the background noise … you know, with all the dribbling.

Try to hang on a little while longer patriots, adult supervision will be coming back to DC soon.

Update 6/27/2012

The old conservative standby, American Spectator, has an excellent blog posting today fleshing out the adult view of conditions in Egypt.
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