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Sunday, August 7, 2011

So, How’s ‘President AA+’ Workin’ Out Fer Ya?

‘Historic.’ ‘Unprecedented.’

That’s what the corrupt and incompetent MSM told you the 2008 election of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama would be. And the corrupt and incompetent MSM was only the most subtle part of the, largely Soros Inc. funded, Progressive propaganda machine, that convinced you the empty slogan ‘Hope and Change’ was a policy of governance.

Well, now there’s a record. How do you like it? Historic and unprecedented enough fer ya? Do you wish you paid more attention to what was behind the curtain in 2008?


The blogger known as Doug Ross has made deft use of this clever graphic to make two salient points:

(1) The Empty Suit’s economic record certainly sucks (raw data published April 12, 2011)

(2) It is not at all unreasonable to conclude it sucks on purpose (persuasive opinion published March 4, 2009)

I have maintained a small series of posts myself, known as the ‘Stupid or Treasonous’ series, since January 4, 2010 – in which I ask myself essentially the same question: are Barry and his corrupt gang of Progressive hacks intentionally wrecking the whole damn place? (note: Simply type ‘Stupid or Treasonous’ into this blog’s Search Box to explore how I’ve explored this question)


There are fresh updates in the news feeding into the ‘Stupid or Treasonous’ thought process.

On the economic record front, the reliable (that is, always on schedule) bureau-weenies at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) came out with their mandated quarterly GDP projection – which demonstrates the Empty Suit’s economy certainly does still suck.

I’ll take this opportunity to update my own graphic tracking the (non)progress of Barry’s dysconomy. (Side note: Anticipating a subsequent update, pending the by now completely expected downward revision of this quarter’s projection)

My method is to compare and contrast rates of economic growth under the gub’ments officially designated ‘Reagan Recovery’ and the gub’ments officially designated ‘Obama Recovery’ (soon to be known as Obama’s double dip recession, IMHO).

This comparison is about as black and white as it will ever get. Reagan pursued supply-side economic policies almost exclusively, whereas Obama has pursued demand-side gub’ment spending policies entirely exclusively.

LAS Conclusion: The inflexible Progressive ideologues in your current administration are stuck on Keynesian stupid (read my May 11, 2011 post for further exploration).

In the always unpredictable sphere of foreign affairs, we have the sad news of the greatest single day’s loss of American life since we’ve been in Afghanistan.

LAS Conclusion: The clueless Progressive ideologues in your current administration have never understood how to wage war. The sad truth is the Taliban is energized and mobilized because BHO was stupid enough to broadcast to them his politically motivated withdrawal timeline. Twice!

We also have news from Syria and Egypt demonstrating the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ isn’t going so well for the interest of democracy.

LAS Conclusion: The clueless Progressive ideologues in your current administration have never understood how to conduct foreign affairs to the long term furtherance of democracy. They were stupid enough to throw a valuable ally for maintaining regional stability under the bus in Egypt, stupid enough to waste the military intervention option on a poorly defined engagement in Libya, and now find themselves with no effective options for opposing a brutal dictator in Syria. This brutal dictator in Syria will now essentially become a proxy for the Iranian mullahs, who are emerging out of all of this with a newly ascendant hegemony in the region. The Iranian mullahs have zero interest in democracy, you can be sure of that much.


Well, dear reader, now I must report there was a specific turning point in the Great Debt Ceiling Debacle of 2011 that made me turn the corner from ‘stupid’ to ‘treasonous.’ It was when BHO blew up the so-called ‘grand bargain’ he was negotiating with Speaker Boehner at the eleventh hour. When the deal was practically closed – with total ‘deficit reduction’ numbers totaling up to Standard and Poor's $4T cut line – BHO sandbagged Boehner with a 50% increase in the 'ask' on his side of the deal (gub’ment revenues). This negotiating move was breathtakingly ‘stupid’. But only if you maintain the assumption BHO wanted a deal. So breathtakingly ‘stupid’ I had to conclude he *never did* want a deal. He *must* have wanted to blow up the deal. This conclusion is only supported by the plain fact BHO never put a written plan on the table through the entire ‘negotiation’ (debacle).

AA+: Mission Accomplished, Barry!


So, now I must attempt to explain in writing what I mean by labeling the President of the United States a ‘traitor.’ Otherwise, I might have to waste a lot of time explaining it to gub’ment agents (some of whom may even be friends and neighbors) in person.

It’s bigger than him. It’s the ideological crowd he runs with. This cabal is the American Progressive Left -now effectively running the Democrat Party, holding a practical monopoly over the biased MSM (save Fox) that so willingly carries Democrat Party water, directing the Leftist indoctrination camps so many of your public school and university systems have become, and infesting the regulatory bureaucracies that have their boot on the throat of your economy.

This cabal is essentially ‘treasonous’ for the following reason: they are *not* ‘patriotic’ in the traditional sense of the word. If we were to define ‘patriotic’ as putting the interest of the citizens of the United States above all other considerations, they are manifestly *not* patriotic. Their ideology is manifestly ‘post-patriotic’ in that it seeks to heal the entire world (as impossible as this pursuit is), proceeding from the basic assumption the citizens of the United States of America are the source of all the world’s ills (as misguided as this analysis is). You, dear reader, are the problem – and the American Progressive Left is the self-appointed ruling elite that simply *must* fix you, to save the world. It is their self-appointed ideological mission.

Their archetype is Obama’s Red Diaper Baby Sibling in the White House’s inner sanctum, Valerie Jarrett.

Thusly, they will *not* relax their practical moratorium on Gulf oil drilling (aka the biggest driver of the Gulf States’ economies). Thusly they *will* have to be dragged kicking and screaming into every red cent of deficit reduction on the gub’ment spending side – because their ideology is in effect the religion of gub’ment spending. This religion requires ever increasing amounts of wealth confiscation (that is, gub’ment revenue) to sustain it.

This religion of theirs *requires* them to place tactical politics above any ‘patriotic’ (traditional definition) concerns. The still building ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal is the proof of this.

This religion of theirs is also extraordinarily cynical. It causes them to attempt to shift blame for the consequences of not reducing gub’ment spending on to the very people who seek to reduce gub’ment spending.

Today’s Leftist talking point to blame the TEA Party movement for being in total agreement with Standard and Poor’s downgrade decision is just the tip of the iceberg for the 2011-2012 Leftist Watch outlook. This outlook is ugly. This religion of theirs instructs them they *must* *never* voluntarily relinquish political power. LAS once again predicts a growth economy for his JAUL Gallery.


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