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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does The Road From Cairo To Foggy Bottom Go Through Tehran?

Have you heard? The Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama gave a major policy speech on Thursday morning, to an audience consisting of the republic’s Department of State diplomats and bureau-weenies. I was unable to catch it in real time – pinned down as I was a mere two Metro stops away, looking after my tiny and insignificant slice of Barry’s dysconomy.

Eventually that afternoon, I had the opportunity to read the text, courtesy of Wall Street Journal Online. I was only able to take out enough time to read it about ¾ of the way through. This initial contact gave me the sense that the speech was a great big nothing-burger, a real “yawner,” which is the speech Heritage’s James Jay Carafano apparently saw in real time.


Then during the day, something started happening on my personalized Google home page and my blog roll. This particular something sent me from “yawn” to “wtf?!?” – in the manner an amplifier can be sent from one to eleven simply by turning a knob. Posts from others began appearing that made clear the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama had saved the best for last – presuming to instruct Israel it must withdraw to its’ 1967 borders. A more naked abandonment of an ally one could hardly imagine.

This information moved my thinking forward to the sentiment expressed by the following comment I wrote on the Daily Caller site:

Initial Reaction from LAS: (1) Barry voted “present” on “Arab Spring” – if classically liberal democracy miracously emerges, the soaring but empty rhetoric allows him to swoop in and claim Great Man credit, but if (much more likely) Islamist rule emerges the foreign aid proposals just continue the line of pandering started in Cairo; and (2) Barry never misses a chance to throw Israel under the bus. There is toasting happening in official Tehran right now.


I was unable to record this comment until 10:08 pm on Thursday because I had some “required fun” to attend earlier that evening – namely a high school band concert, in which my eldest son participated as first chair bassoonist. (The boy can shred a bassoon – let me tell you).

While silently taking in the talented utes’ musical exertions – Gershwin, Mancini, Sousa, and such – I allowed my mind to wander across the landscape of this topic. One of the many connections I made during this period of silent reflection was a new label (as far as I know) for BHO – the Tehranian President – you know, in the spirit of the Manchurian Candidate.


The outline for this post really took shape the next morning, when I was driving back into the office, and I heard Chris Plante start his radio show with a bit of grade-A snark implying BHO is in fact the 12th Iman

During the day on Friday, I literally jotted down the outline itself.


I mean, really, ask yourself – what has BHO done that is any different than a hypothetical US President secretly working in Tehran’s interests would do?

Kick off term of Office with major speech pandering to the region

Take Palestinian negotiating position on Israeli settlements

Offer no support to democracy protestors demanding regime change in Iran

Turn a blind eye while Iranian Islamist regime builds a nuclear weapons program

Throw Egyptian secular regime under the bus, creating a vacuum Islamists may yet fill

Pursue policies to repeat previous in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria

Assassinate UBL - when finally utterly unavoidable

Bend over backwards to give UBL a proper Islamist burial

Take Palestinian negotiating position on Israeli borders


And so, I come back to the framework of my ‘Stupid or Treasonous?’ series. The only way to square BHO’s actions with the notion he’s the “smartest guy in the room” is to conclude he is double-dealing.

And if this comment thread on Frank Gaffney’s recent Big Peace article is any indication, the citizenry at large is catching on.


But, at least for now, this is not BHO’s top problem. His immediate problem is that Benjamin Netanyahu is in town. Bibi – as his friends call him – is no BHO. Bibi is a stand up guy. Bibi also has the support of a lot of Americans wise enough to stand with the only established democracy in the region. Oh, and an American Presidential candidate, too.  And Bibi has been schooling Barry while in town, with more to come.

Things are really, really, interesting right now ….

Meanwhile in Venezuela

Update 5/22/11

I just managed to catch BHO’s speech to AIPAC in real time – via Fox News. Overall - much better. The pander on commitment to Israeli security appeared genuine, though with this guy who can really tell? The clarification on his Thursday remarks wasn’t bad, though one yearns for a POTUS who doesn’t need to clarify the firestorms he creates so often.

Most importantly, he hit the right note on the only two points that really matter (to the negotiation process, that is): (1) The UN has absolutely no role to play here – it must be a two party agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, and (2) Negotiations are meaningless until the Palestinians formally recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Maybe Bibi slipped Barry a teleprompter draft when they met privately Friday …. ;)
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