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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Lessons of the NY-26 Special Election

Or …
Liberty vs. Tyranny 2012, Lessons (5:6)
*Because the stakes are that biblical*

These lessons are not what most of the dolts who comprise the criminally biased MSM have told you they are over the past week. This collection of mindless lemmings has rushed to another superficial and ultimately meaningless groupthink conclusion. This over credentialed gaggle of pseudo intellectuals has concluded this one very special election represents a pattern for the upcoming general election – even after actually living through (in recent memory!), the 2009 NY-23 special election and 2010 general election. Pavlov’s dog was smarter, for chrissake.


First of all, the so-called “conventional wisdom” (aka “me-too-itis”) – as exemplified by this completely useless David Gergen piece – is tantamount to accepting the end of the republic. Gergen and the rest of his useless gaggle is recommending to both political parties that they should not go near Medicare, one of the two biggest unfunded entitlements (Social Security being the other) driving our national debt spiral.

The 2009 NY-23 special election had a completely inverse relationship to the results of the 2010 midterm elections. I, LibertyAtStake, shall now explain why the same will be true of NY-26 and 2012 – provided We The People continue the learning curve we began around TEA Party season 2009, and the GOP establishment manages somehow to catch up to us.


They (Demo-hacks and criminally biased MSM) also think NY-26 is somehow a template for massive Democrat gains in 2012. This “analysis” (charitably stated) is utterly destroyed by two utterly obvious observations:

1. No way in hell can the Demo-hack party run a fake TEA Party candidate in every 2012 race. This corrupt strategy simply does not scale.

2. While it may be the case the Demo-hacks can win with an intellectually dishonest “MediScare” platform today, it may not be the case in 18 months – depending upon how well the real lessons (following) are applied, if you please.


Lesson 1: The modern Democrat Party is corrupt, period.

The modern Democrat Party is willing to run a false flag candidate, as long as it means they are “winning!” (per Charlie Sheen).

The modern Democrat Party is willing to tell flat out lies about their opponents’ plans , as long as it means they are “winning!” (per Charlie Sheen).

Just for the record, the false flag candidate is one Jack Davis. And the lie (in this case) they will repeat again and again is this: the Paul Ryan plan affects current retirees and ObamaCare does not. The exact opposite is true. The Paul Ryan plan touches no one above the age of 55, and ObamaCare removes $500 Billion (half a trillion dollars) from Medicare right now.

The Demo-hack party is quite simply third world corrupt. (Kudos to radio man Chris Plante for his clever formulation: “the Third Worlding of America”). The Demo-hack party actually places winning elections above the morality of simply being truthful.

They prove it every day with the vicious demagogic ads full of falsehoods they run every cycle, including this obnoxious recent example:


Lesson 2: The criminally biased MSM is corrupt, period.

The criminally biased MSM, in case it’s not obvious yet, is working directly for the Demo-hack party.

I shall support this assertion with a challenge. Send me any article or post (via comments or email, I just don't care) by the criminally biased MSM that makes either of the two factual points above – i.e. Jack Davis’ false flag impact and the truth about your Granny’s status as of today. I know you David Plouffe trolls are waiting in the wings, show me something for a change – but be prepared for the “exception proving the rule” defense (if you even get that what I mean).

As a matter of fact I believe I’ll open the engagement with a pre-emptive “exception proves the rule” strike - with this simple Google search ….

Search executed 2011-05-28, 7:28 PM.

Find the exception if you can, trolls ...


Lesson 3: The public at large is still far too gullible – still far too susceptible to Demo-hack lies as amplified by the criminally biased MSM.

Here I point to one element of the “conventional wisdom” that should be heeded – for the sake of the republic. Far too many citizens with voting rights still fall for Demo-hack lies. There remains a deep information deficit amongst those who live among us with voting rights. (Ameliorative topic for another post: the No Representation Without Taxation Amendment)

When 70% of people who say they support the TEA Party oppose reforming a program that is bleeding the republic dry, methinks they have something to learn about just what it is they think they are supporting. Those of us driving the Conservative Ascendancy still have a lot of heavy lifting to do, period. The fate of the republic depends upon it. Educate, inform, proselytize. Defeat the lies.

Maybe start with this crisp data point provided by a blogger from NY-25: The Lonely Conservative.


Lesson 4: The GOP had better take off the gloves … or all hell may break loose throughout the republic.

The hapless establishment GOP is still waging politics by the Queensbury Rules. The Demo-hack party, or more accurately the Left, has been bringing brass knuckles, knives, and loaded guns to this fight - from at least the moment they invented the verb ‘to bork.’ The hapless establishment GOP had been getting its collective ass handed to it as a result – until 2010. The unique aspect of the 2010 election season was an infusion of fighting spirit from a nationwide uprising of TEA Party patriots, who wisely determined using the previously empty husk of the GOP as their political party was a winning strategy in 2010.

It is still the best strategy going into 2012, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I had hoped this opinion would be unarguable by this point in the Conservative Ascendancy. It is not – because the establishment GOP is still (disappointingly) the weak sister in this partnership.

Memo to GOP: We cannot afford to have you put up any more RINOs. Jane Corwin is the perfect example of who *not* to run. She was inarticulate, squishy, and unpersuasive on the big issue - Medicare. You know the Demo-hacks are going to demagogue Medicare from now until election day 2012. It’s in their DNA, period. The Conservative Ascendancy needs articulate spokes people, who also possess a fighting spirit. We need people who are willing and able to take the argument directly to the Demo-hacks. And I mean directly. No quarter, no compromise – because none will be given. For chrissake, you’ve been having your ass handed to you for 20 some odd years – are you even smarter than Pavlov’s dog?

And besides, if you lose the respect and trust of the TEA Party patriots … you will hand the Left exactly what it seeks to exploit … anarchy.


A round up of professional Analyzers and Opinionators who see eye to eye with LibertyAtstake …

O’Connell and Pearson on Lessons 1 and 4.

Mona Charen on Lessons 1 and 4.

Linda Chavez on Lessons 1 and 3.

Jonah Goldberg on Lesson 4 (with a nice battle analogy – you know LAS liked that).

Carlson and Patel on Lessons 1 and 4.

Lesson 2 shall stand on my challenge to readers and trolls.  Bring it on, [removed by adminsistrator].

Update 5/31/2011

The long Memorial day weekend has dropped an object lesson in Lesson 2 into our national lap (so to speak). Watch the ironically named Democrat congressman with a taste for young party girls, and a lack of control over his social media technology, get a pass from the criminally biased MSM. Join the search for justice initiated by a senior member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  My sense is the final spin depends on Mrs. Weiner - which surely cannot portend well for Representative Weiner.
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