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Sunday, December 19, 2010

That's All, Folks

The news of the past week or so has been an extraordinarily entertaining demonstration of Progressive madness, worthy of an essay in the idiosyncratic prose styling of yours truly. The Democrat Party has figured out the 112th Congress of the United States will be a hostile environment for their obnoxious agenda, and so they have been in a frantic frenzy - squeezing every ounce of Progressive puss out of the 111th they possibly can. This is the same Democrat party that literally trashed the White House after Andrew Jackson’s inauguration, and has since been hijacked by the Progressive movement (only improving on that legacy). Herewith is a visual characterization, followed by a somewhat researched, kind of edited, chronology - just for future historians studying the final demise of the Democrat Party founded by Andrew Jackson.

First, the visual ….


I believe Rush Limbaugh when he says the Bush Tax Cut Deal was a huge “head fake” designed to allow the Omnibus spending bill to pass through unnoticed. OmniPuss was the Progressive neutron bomb that would leave all the buildings intact, yet condemn the buildings’ occupants to terminal indebtedness, by institutionalizing (for one more fatal year) the old DC business of redistributing money that hasn’t even been printed yet – to the tune of more than six thousand ear marks.

Ultimately, OmnisPuss proved to be more the first statement of the 112th Congress, than it did the final statement of the 111th. For one thing, Conservative Warrior Princess Michele Bachmann astutely pointed out that the Progressives, in their mad rush to condemn your grandchildren to third world status, had neglected Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution. Even the ‘Great-Aisle-Reach-Acrosser,’ John McCain, was on the right side of this fight. 'Grumpy Old Man' for the Conservative Ascendancy is a good role for the Senator From Arizona that Can’t Be Primaried. Let’s see more of it over the next six years.

And let us not forget, this is plainly and simply the federal budget Congress is duty bound to pass by October 1st every year. The very fact that this massive spending bill was even being debated after the elections is a permanent stain on the legacy of the 111th. Deploying their usual tactics of deceit and conceit, the Progressives tried to co-opt RINO votes with a “they do it, too” message. Finally, though, Dingy Harry had to give it up, because he didn’t have the votes, in favor of a continuing resolution the rightful chamber had already passed.

That’s one for Liberty over Tyranny.

Tax Rate Deal

The resolution of this one is fuzzier. As I documented in my previous post, this was a tough call for Conservatives. No Conservative wants to see anyone’s taxes raised in a soft economy. However, circumstances did put Progressives in control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue after 2008, and elections have consequences. The Progressives were hell bent on holding the tax rates of 98% of Americans hostage to their “holy grail” of soaking the 2% who have the capital to employ other Americans – when unemployment is stuck at 10%! Stupid? Yes, incredibly so. Destructive of an already soft economy? Yes, definitely. However - no one can say the GOP leadership didn’t strike a reasonable balance between the weak hand of the 111th’s composition, and the strong hand coming in the 112th.

Yes, there was about $300Billion in new spending when the 111th was finished adorning the Christmas tree the bill finally became. (The number the criminally biased MSM is reporting - $858B – is based on the false conceit that taxes not raised represent a cost to the government – as if it was their money in the first place.) And, I know I came out as willing to risk the chaos of letting clueless independents seeing their take home pay decreased after the New Year – but I am the Radical Conservative and they (the GOP Leadership) bears the responsibility of actually governing in the 112th. Taking this deal is latitude I will grant to them under the assumption they will go after spending with purpose in the next session. The OmniPuss result gives me hope.

Other Miscellaneous Legislative Stuff This Week

The so-called DREAM Act – actually a Democrat Party voter registration initiative – went down in flames when Dingy Harry brought it up as payback for his re-election. Make no mistake, this was a huge victory for the Conservative Ascendancy. The 112th will almost certainly now have to address the rule of law, and border security, before Amnesty is put on the table. This is as it should be – though there is apparently still much work to be done in my home state of Virginia. I tried the personal touch with Senators Warner and Webb - but apparently to no avail – they sided with Dingy Harry.

The Progressives did succeed in repealing the military’s so-called “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy against gays openly serving in the military. Now, I’m inclined to agree with the Marine Corps Commandant that this repeal is injurious to the effectiveness of military operations. However, I also think this reasonable objection applies mostly to ‘yesterday’s’ military configuration – massed formations of infantry, armor, etc. I firmly believe the lesson of the past decade, for military policy in the next couple of decades at least, is this: the tip of the spear should consist mostly of small-unit, precisely targeted, Special Forces and CIA assination teams – with a large train of information and other support organizations. You can see where the gays fit in, I’m assuming. As far as I'm concerned - this falls under the heading of elections have consequences, and if you didn’t expect Progressives to play social experiments with the military when you voted for them, then cop a clue next time.

Overall Legacy of the 111th

Let’s just stipulate this fitting closing to the 111th.

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, Patriots. We will need to build up our energy reserves to give strength to GOP spines in 2011. The agenda is using the investigative powers of the 112th to check Executive branch abuses, and the budgetary authority of the 112th to cut deficit spending.

Footnote 1

Oh yeah - Jay! Eee! Tee! Ess! Jets, Jets, Jets!

Update 12/20/2010

I think I gave Porky Pig his cue too soon. The 111th Congress has one more significant issue to take up, known as the NEW START Treaty, in which Barack Hussein Obama proposes to give away the missile defense farm to the New Soviet Union (aka the Russian Federation).

The New Soviet Union is even, incredibly, issuing instructions to the US Senate. Not a peep from Barack Hussein Obama on this affront, presumably because he sees the Russians as his accomplices in this latest historic achievement of his.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid continues to provide comic relief as Mr. Obama’s accomplice. Finally, the FCC foreshadows the events of 2011 with an unconstitutional regulatory power grab. The 112th Congress had better have the one page law on Barack Hussein’s Obama desk that reigns in this foolishness, by February 1st at the latest.  Yes, they had better.

Only 16 days until our people are sworn in.
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  1. Sending Christmas blessings and wishes for "merry, merry" to you and yours.

  2. Thank you, @Maggie. I wish the same to you. Herewith is a recap of this morning's highlights from our bastion. The Great Dane happily received her giant pepperoni flavored "candy cane." It was consumed in less than 10 very crunchy minutes. Boy #1 happily took receipt of his iPod. Boy #2 is now getting used to his Gibson Les Paul. The lady of the bastion prayed for patience when it was noticed I had consumed one of her boiled eggs from the collection destined for today's salad. All in all, a total success.


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