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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Retiring The Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010

This post shall be the final update to the Conservative Ascendancy Thermotron 2010. According to the Nobel prize winning physicist who designed it, a conservative electoral landslide in November is already assured by its present readings.

The Events meter already reached 10 two updates ago. With the original design constraints already exceeded , we now have “Obama’s Watergate” (the Joe Sestak affair) and “Obama’s Katrina” (the BP oil spill) to simultaneously consider. The stars are aligning nicely for the Conservative Ascendancy, indeed.

Despite candidate Obama’s high minded promise to end business as usual in DC, the statements issued by the White House and Joe Sestak have raised more questions than they have answered. This sordid affair now is pregnant with the possibility of becoming “Obama’s Watergate.” The timing of the statements – Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend – stinks to high heaven, because it looks they are trying to bury something. Using the impeached liar Bill Clinton as an intermediary stinks to high heaven, because it looks like they knew they needed to distance themselves from it. Claiming the quid pro quo was an unpaid position stinks to high heaven, because it’s highly implausible. The White House contacting Sestak’s brother stinks to high heaven, because it looks like they are covering their tracks. I say separate the conspirators for isolated questioning by a skilled prosecutor - under oath. This is the only way we will ever get to the bottom of whether the attempt to remove Sestak from the primary was merely clumsy and unethical, or in fact illegal.

“Obama’s Katrina” is the catalyst behind a draft essay I’ve been working with – “Why Can’t Government actually DO Anything? (Because It’s Government, Stupid).” But I think I’ll save that one for next time. After all, the crisis still continues with the well still not plugged, despite the Smartest President Ever taking charge four whole days ago. What’s taking so long, Mr. President? Maybe you should hold another Press Conference, or better yet, give a teleprompter speech - that’ll do it.

And by now, the whole country has heard about James Carville’s meltdown on Good Morning America. This makes the man who coined the political phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” (during Mr. Clinton’s 1992 election) the Leftie Lunacy poster child – because he is representative of the Left’s irrational and emotional fantasy belief in the government's ability to solve all problems. Of course, the Leftie Lunacy meter was already pegged at 10, making its contribution to the inevitability of a November electoral landslide without Mr. Carville's help. His meltdown is therefore actually meaningless except for its entertainment value, which is considerable.

GOP / TEA Party alignment is looking good as well. TEA Party patriots are settling into the role of a movement that can act independently and locally to push events on the street, as evidenced by this weekend’s “Stand With Arizona” rally. However, the movement needs an organized political party to do its bidding, if it is to be really effective. The GOP is lately showing every sign of falling into line with its assigned role.

In the last Thermotron update we already mentioned Representative Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) “You Cut” project. Mr. Cantor brings one vote to the House floor per week, based on our input. Last week’s vote would have saved us $30 billion by freezing Federal employee pay – but the Democrat majority shot it down.

Now we have Representative Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) “America Speaking Out” project. And even the normally staid and buttoned-down National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has tuned into the mood of the TEA Party movement, and released this hard hitting video (hat tip to Ruby Slippers).

I think I’ll retire the Thermotron with the GOP / TEA Party alignment meter stuck on nine (9), rather than ten (10). The GOP is, after all, still an organization composed entirely of professional politicos. But at least now it looks like they could become our politicos. Let’s make sure it stays that way. It will require vigilance by We The People for several years to come yet.

It is now definitely a foregone conclusion the Democrats will lose control of the House, and the Senate too. Remember you read it here first (unless Dick Morris already said it, I can’t remember). However, remember that leaves seven months for the Progressive gang to shove as much as they can down our throats before January 2011. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.  Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2010 will not be concluded until the last Progressive desk is cleaned out on Capitol Hill.

And, of course, the Progressive gang will still be scheduled to hold the Executive branch throughout 2011. The good news is We The People will at least have enough power in the Legislative branch to fight a fair fight in the stalemate that now sets up for Liberty vs. Tyranny USA 2011. The really good news We The People will also have effective control over the relevant congressional investigative committees. Consequently, the Thermotron is retired with the probability of impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama set at 2 out of 3; the same ratio needed in Congress to override a Presidential veto.
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  1. Fare thee well, Thermotron, and well done.

  2. Off to the Liberty Machine museum with you, Thermotron - may you take an honored place next to the Sherman tank.


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