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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (4/11/14 - 4/27/14): No Proof Yet of TEA Party Affiliation For Either Cliven Bundy or Donald Sterling

*8 pm 4/27: Updated Sperling (with a 'P') to Sterling with a 'T')

Concerning racist remarks proven to be have been uttered by cattle rancher and grazing fee scofflaw Cliven Bundy, and (probably soon to be) proven to have been uttered by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling ... the exception proves the rule. Don't overplay your hand with this recent bounty of race warfare riches, Lefties. These two men will pay a price for their racism, we all know it, and you have already cried racist wolf too many times with the rest of us. At least wait until you can prove even one case of TEA Party racism after leveling the charge ad nauseam for the past five years, before trying to capitalize too much on this week's news.
AYFKM? Our state department now proposes to prevent the Red Army from invading Ukraine with a firestorm of ASCII binary code 00100011.
Good Supreme Court decision today upholding Michigan's ban on racial hiring quotas. Combined with tolerating the incompetent reign of the Quota President for six going on eight years now, maybe we can put this whole silly sixty year old white guilt driven 'Affirmative Action' industry behind us eventually after all. For if this group or that group is held to a lower standard in perpetuity, what does that say about what we think of the group in question? It's called the soft bigotry of low expectations, kiddies.
It has begun. Read the comment tussle between me and the anonymous OFA troll 'Fannysyeraunt'. The Left is already gearing up to play off ObamaKare's failures by agitating for a 'Single Payer' solution - which is to say all care and all finances routed through Big Brother's central bureaucracy. As the comment thread demonstrates, they will try to bamboozle the public with cherry picked and carefully packaged data. Like with 'climate change.' My automatic response to this tactic on the 'climate change' front has long been 'explain how the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods in the data fit your theory.' They of course cannot. I'm still working on a stock killer response for the Single Payer argument we will soon be forced into with the Left - but 'British teeth' is pretty good for now I think.
The good news on how the Cliven Bundy / BLM stand off resolved is the BLM withdrew their storm troopers, proving Tyranny still has a long way to go before ruling the day in this republic. The bad news is Bundy actually doesn't have a legal leg to stand on, meaning this was the wrong fight to pick for Team Liberty. Even if the BLM had overreacted, they would have had their apologists picking at Bundy's lack of standing much like the DEA has its apologists for Waco based on David Koresh's weirdness. Now for the really weird part of the current drama ... Dingy Harry Reid seems to have some kind of financial interest in an adjoining piece of property. Coincidence? Methinks not. I'm guessing the funereal Senate Majority Leader (soon to be Senate Minority Leader) is lamenting an unfortunate delay in the progress of his personal financial plan. How's he supposed to buy that land from Uncle Sam for development if those damned cattle are still grazing on it?
Now THIS is technology at work. The perfect storm from a smartphone, stupid crook, and alert 911 dispatcher gives us another story you just couldn't make up.
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