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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Archiving 'This Just In' (3/22/14 - 4/10/14): Who's Talking About the *Real* 'War on Women' Anyway?

The Democrats are now running around executing the gender warfare page of their playbook (they really only have three plays in the book: race warfare, class warfare, and gender warfare). It is a political strategy in an election year designed to distract from their failures of governance, chiefly ObamaKare and the economy. This time it's the 'gender pay gap' canard, based on faulty statistics that are based on blended averages that in no way account for measuring equal work. In other words, statistics not properly normalized to measure gender as the only variable with everything else (i.e. equal work) held constant. In other words, useless statistics: or to quote Mark Twain (according to some) - "lies, damned lies, and statistics."
There is, however, one *real* 'war on women' these Donkey Party corruptniks won't be endlessly and breathlessly talking about - Radical Islam's systematic persecution of women. They won't be mentioning Brandeis University's cowardly act of political correctness that denied Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who would be a Leftist feminist heroine if the Left had consistent scruples, the honorary degree she earned with scars inflicted by the brutalizing hand of Radical Islam itself.
I just figured out what's been rubbing me the wrong away about Fox's hot show 'The Five.' They come off like they're not talking to anybody but each other. In that snickering vibe you get from the cool kids' middle school lunch table, as a matter of fact. And they seem to be enjoying the place at the cool kids' lunch table a little too much. It's almost like a high production value cable access show now where a small clique comments on the headlines available to everybody else, and gets off on the self-perceived notoriety from repeating the obvious on the boob tube. I know their format makes it tough, but they need to figure out how to bring in people to talk to that actually add information to the discussion.
Barack Hussein Obama took a Rose Garden victory lap yesterday associated with the announcement of a sophistical seven million number. While the sarcastically partisan staged celebration may have lifted the Empty Suit's spirits for one day, there is still much time between now and November for those spirits to be dampened by a few simple follow up questions: 1. How many enrollees have actually paid in to initiate coverage? 2. How many enrollees were actually previously uninsured? 3. What is the true future cost passed on to state governments by the law's expansion of medicaid? 4. What is the true future cost passed on to taxpayers by the exchange subsidies? Lord knows we won't get any such thing from the corrupt and biased liberal lamestream media, but I think the hacks of the Establishment GOP might get enough grass roots conservative (aka TEA Party) help in this cycle to pull it off. Despite themselves.
April 8: Windows XP R.I.P. As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft could have ended the desktop upgrade scam right there and focused more energy on hardening the enterprise server product line. But they had the money to waste, so ... no harm, no foul?
The vaguely talented left wing comedian Stephen Colbert finds himself in hot twitter water with his Leftist audience. It seems he tried to make light of Daniel Snyder's Native American Bribery Foundation, and Colbert's joke fell flat with fellow race obsessed Lefties. Karma. Defined. And, btw, here's the memo to Dan Snyder: Your bribe will not make them go away permanently. The bribes never do. They will be back in due time. Probably before the Redskins are a legitimate contender under your regime.
THIS is how fascist regimes enlist useful idiots to replace parenthood with fearful worship of the state in the minds of children. Both the principal and the cops in this case richly deserve to lose their jobs without pay, and to be awarded a scarlet 'I', permanently worn as the mark of their Idiocy.
Obama administration English translation for 'Reset' - unilateral disarmament for NATO missile defense system. Putin regime Russian translation for 'Reset' - reclaim Soviet empire territory. Talk about asymmetrical warfare.
Man oh Man Manischewitz! If aborted fetuses can be used for heating fuel ... how close, really, is western civilization to sinking to the level of Soylent Green for food?
Moochelle's crew exporting their sense of entitlement to America's banker. No word on how Wall Street feels about possibly being left holding the bag if the Chinese become annoyed enough to call in the loans.
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