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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Convention Analysis – The Lemonade Stand Analogy

Well, the two big party conventions have been staged, misreported with extreme bias by the mainstream media, and passed into the history books. Here’s my take …

The republic found out which side can run a lemonade stand … and which side can always be counted on to run a deficit and end up with the table smashed and the lemonade running down the street gutter.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was faced with an approaching hurricane. This hurricane had as good a chance as not to hit the convention directly. RNC planners calmly deliberated. They decided to cancel the first of the four days. Day one was a display of good order and discipline as the delegates assembled and were told to come back the next day. Republican governors like Rick Scott (FL) and Bobby Jindal (LA) gave up choice speaking slots to go back to work and do their jobs at a time of crisis. The remainder of the convention was, quietly and without fuss, re-organized to fit a four day plan into a three day sock. Even Clint Eastwood’s improvisational bit had the saving grace of verifiable humor content, unlike the frat house snark the Agitator-In-Chief has been unleashing on the trail - even if there were some who felt Dirty Harry's ad-hoc display distracted from the convention’s design to introduce Mitt and Anne to the country as Ozzie and Harriet.

The Democrat National Convention (DNC), on the other hand, was faced with a 30% chance of rain. Oh, and a huge gap between an 80,000 seat out-door stadium and 40,000 tickets sold for the Demagogue-In-Chief’s big acceptance speech. A half empty stadium simply would not provide proper “optics” for the Speechifier-In-Chief's unprecedented and historic oratorical skills. The deadly threat of rain was used as an excuse to avoid exposing the inch deep support for the Quota President. The DNC moved the speech indoors, accommodating about half of the half of the tickets they had sold. Of course, the weather was perfect outside. More proof God has a sense of humor. You see, the DNC had unwisely pi$$ed off God himself the day before.

DNC ideologues left any mention of God or Jerusalem as Israel’s capital out of the platform. Thanks to the Intertubes and social media, and no thanks to the criminally biased liberal media, much bad publicity ensued. The executive and managerial goliaths of the DNC loaded the fix into the teleprompter, denied God three times, and shoved the pre-ordained result down the throats of their own delegates (in accordance with ObamaCare precedent) on a rancorous and obviously rigged voice vote.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who sorely needs to find a Liar’s Anonymous meeting somewhere, denied anything had happened so shamelessly that even the left wing hacks of CNN laughed at her out loud.

DWS was also caught in a bald-faced lie on tape … when she threw an Israeli Ambassador under the bus in an interview with Washington Examiner reporter Philip Klein, claimed the reporter made it up when confronted with her statements, then was exposed for making up that he made it up when he produced the audio tape.

The DNC lemonade is spiked. It's spiked with an unnatural trust in gub'ment.

AYFKM?! How far are these people from accepting chips being embedded inside their foreheads, the better for gub'ment to track their every movement to better take care of their every need. What the hell kind of society produces such zombies?


I’m with PJ Tatler … the so-called Obama post-convention poll bounce is illusory – manufactured by biased and defective polling methodology. 56 days and counting until the republic decides whether our children will be issued tracking chips for their foreheads.

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