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Friday, April 6, 2012

And the Winner of the 'Josef Goebbels Award' For Journalistic Malpractice is ...

The 'most trusted name in news'? Really?

Brian Williams is a shameless hack in the filthy partisan propagandist tradition of Dan Rather.

(*True story: While a cadet at The Citadel, on the big day of Dan Rather's big speech to the cadets, as the biased hack Rather was strutting down to the podium, alongside his host Major General James A. Grimsley, then President of the school, through the assembled rows of cadets, LAS recalls the following ... when the biased hack was no more than 10 feet to my right, LAS coughed 'commie!' into his hand 'Animal House' style. The only thing I can't remember for sure is whether it was when I was a junior holding the lofty title cadet staff sergeant or a senior holding the even more lofty title cadet captain.)

Update 4/7/12

Conservative Hideout 2.0 does a weekly link around that is nothing if not impressive in its completeness. If you were to read nothing but this link around once a week, you would be infinitely more informed than the standard issue registered Democrat drone getting his or her propaganda from MSNBC, CNN, and the Daily Show. Author Matt neatly rounds up events from this week - the week that may be remembered as the week the corrupt and biased MSM began its final slide into general and total disgrace - with these succinct and articulate words ...
NBC was caught selectively editing the Zimmerman 911 call audio to make him appear to be racist. ABC’s video was shown to display Zimmerman’s injuries. CNN re-anylized the 911 audio, and determined that Zimmerman did not use a racial slur. And MSNBC? They brought new meaning to the word failure, including running a satirical post from the Daily KOS as a serious news story.

Then, President Obama played Alinsky with the SCOTUS, insisting that they cannot overturn a democratically passed law, like DOMA. Oh wait, that’s not the law in question, is it? And, following that logic, Prop 8 should be just fine, right?

Unemployment numbers were spun, but the fact remains that the the economy “created” approximately 100,000 less jobs than projected, and there are now a record number of Americans out of the workforce entirely. Franky, I think that this is a planned outcome. The more people that are out of the workforce, the more people that are dependent on government. Our POTUS might think that by keeping the people on the government drug, they will vote for him in November.

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