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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Debate Rumble in Jungle!!!!!

(Because you can’t rhyme ‘rumble’ with ‘desert’, or ‘corrupt and biased propaganda organ’, or ‘CNN’)

I came up with the post title thanks to radio man Chris Plante introducing me to this hilarious piece of slick ‘news’ production from the corrupt and biased hacks at CNN.


I tuned in last night just as the candidates were coming on stage, so Mr. Plante’s airing this morning was my first exposure to this hilarious production, obviously designed to frame-up a debate atmosphere the corrupt and biased CNN hacks wanted to be a farce sliming all four Republicans.

As Mr. Plante is eloquently ranting over the AM radio waves even at this moment … yes, CNN’s assigned hatchet man, John King, then went on to orchestrate the whole thing to come off as a Republican food fight over irrelevant and ancient ‘issues.’

King did not deign to mention rapidly rising gasoline prices, the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal, out of control deficit spending, the ‘occupy’ mobs of maladjusted malcontents roaming the nation and vandalizing everything they touch like the barbarians they are, First Amendment religious freedoms, or anything else currently in the news that could reflect poorly on his messiah – the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. Because he’s there to protect Barry’s flank, plain and simple.


But, here’s the central point, kiddies – it is what it is. Whining about it doesn’t help us win the game with the team on the field and inside the defined dimensions of the field. The task is simply to play the game to win (with apologies to Herman Edwards).

This is the media and electoral landscape today. The national media is in the tank for Democrats, period. More and more citizens are noticing, and the national media is thusly becoming more irrelevant every day … but we have a few more years before we can enjoy its final and complete descent into total irrelevance. In other words, we are stuck with the bastards for this election cycle. And it’s a “must win” for the republic – meaning the Saul Alinksy radical in the White House must be defeated, or we are destined to become as financially and morally bankrupt as Greece is today. Also, as I’ve argued before and will continue to argue, the clueless independents that swing general elections will make their decision in the traditional one-on-one September / October debates between the two party nominees.

We need a nominee up to the task of deftly reframing and deflecting the corrupt and biased media’s crooked questions, while simultaneously pounding BHO’s record of abject failure directly and mercilously. It’s a tall order and a hard skill to find. It requires a rare combination of a quick mind and blue collar fighting spirit. That’s what LAS was grading last night. Here is the grade report, left to right.

Ron Paul has too much of a tendency to go off on tangents making him sound like the crazy old uncle I will probably be remembered as. He will instantly become an enduring stock figure for SNL mockery if nominated.

Rick Santorum is getting better as a debater. He’s on the right learning curve but still has a way to go. We need to keep up the competitive primary season to toughen him up for the main event, should he become the nominee.

God help us if Mittens pulls through. He spent most of the night dropping names and picking the irrelevant fights John King teed up for him, like the country club dining room Republican he is. He will be the perfect foil for Barry’s crooked class warfare campaign strategy. He just doesn’t possess the quickness of mind or fighting spirit needed on this field.

Newt proved once again he is the best fit to the task at hand. It was a masterstroke, for example, when he turned one of King’s screwballs on contraception into a reminder Barry has repeatedly voted in favor of Partial Birth Abortion. (That is, pulling a viable late term fetus out of the womb and then sucking its brains out upon its first experience of daylight.) I hope Newt stays in the race until the last gavel is pounded in the convention. If he can’t be the nominee, he’s the best coach the eventual nominee can possibly learn from in the meantime. Start taking notes Mittens, or you may simply be remembered as the hapless establishment GOP’s last loser nominee.

Update 2/24/12

While availing myself of a rare listen to Limbaugh today, I realized the final paragraph to this post needs a correction.  Newt wasn't talking about partial-birth abortion, in which the abortion is successfully performed using the procedure I described, he was talking about allowing an abortionist to kill living infants that survive a botched abortion.  A whole new level of grisly as far as the facts are concerned, but of no matter to the central point - Newt is the deftest debater available.
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