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Saturday, January 7, 2012

LAS 2011 Review & 2012 Preview (Part 3 of 4)

Part 1 covered domestic conditions.
Part 2 covered foreign affairs.
Part 3 covers the current electoral situation.
Part 4 will cover this blog project.

In Part 1, we examined the domestic chaos being inflicted upon the republic by the Community-Agitator-In-Chief. In Part 2, we took a whirlwind tour around the globe to review the foreign affairs wreckage being left behind by the Appeaser-In-Chief. Now, in part 3, we take up the race to replace the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.


Understandably; the attention of the media, its’ pundits, and the small percentage of us willing to pay attention is on the GOP nomination process for President. I have made my position clear. Newt Gingrich is the best nominee left in the field.

My principal objection to front runner Mitt Romney is now and always has been that he is the wrong candidate to draw the sorely needed sharp distinction with the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. I don’t just want to defeat BHO – I want to defeat his morally and intellectually bankrupt Leftist ideology. Leftist ideology has spread quite enough financial wreckage and human misery across the planet, TYVM. If the GOP nominates Mittens in 2012, this opportunity is effectively lost. I don’t care what Karl Rove says, the clueless independents that swing general elections will simply not be able to distinguish RomneyCare from ObamaCare – and David Axelrod’s corrupt attack machine will exploit their ignorance.

Until Iowa played out, that was the sum total of my Not-Romney nomination position. But then Mittens really pissed off LAS when he broke Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment and attacked fellow Republican Newt Gingrich so mercilessly. Especially galling were the thinly veiled “character” attacks contrasting Romney’s single marriage with Gingrich’s three. This angle played well in an atypical state where literally 56% of the caucus attendees self-identified as fundamentalist Christian, and establishment “super PACs” funded a relentless rotation of vicious attack ads. (News flash for Social Conservatives: Ronald Reagan was on his second marriage when he saved the country after Jimmy Carter’s term of ‘malaise.’ The fidelity thing is irrelevant to this critical election cycle. Get over it.)

Mittens then further pissed off LAS by hiding behind legal technicalities in a bogus attempt to avoid accountability for the attacks his friends funded. Sir Mitt of RINO is looking more and more like the same old establishment politician that got us into this mess in the first place.

The GOP establishment loathes Newt Gringrich, because they know he’s the last Speaker to balance a budget and the only Speaker who ever showed sufficient conviction to actually shut down the gub’ment. As such, the establishment feels compelled to destroy Newt because they are not ready to have their apple cart overturned with the level of big idea direct action he is uniquely capable of delivering. We The People are not only ready for it, but hunger for it.

Gingrich is still the best debater on the stage – and this is still the prime qualification for defeating BHO as well as his intellectually and morally bankrupt ideology. As far as I’m concerned, the interesting story out of Iowa is that Newt still polls even 3rd or 4th anywhere after the barrage of negativity funded by Mittens and his establishment pals. The Santorum surge proves but one thing – the search for Not-Romney continues unabated. It could yet yield Newt when all is said and done.

All that stated – I will repeat the warning I have frequently set down in comments posted all across the Intertubes. We need to keep our eye on the ultimate prize – BHO’s defeat in the general election. Whoever the nominee becomes – however weak he is - (with Conservative Warrior Princess Michele Bachmann unfortunately out, I can abandon any PC attempt to cover both genders with my use of pronoun) – we will need to close ranks behind him to ensure the defeat of BHO and his corrupt gang of Progressives. Their ascendancy to a second reign of comic-tragic F-A-I-L would simply be a disaster for the republic. IMHO, Gingrich is slightly better than Santorum, who is a thousand times better than Romney. However, everybody left on the GOP stage would be a trillion times better than the Alinsky trained socialist now occupying the Oval Office – even that crazy old isolationist kook Ron Paul. So, nobody better be thinking about splitting the vote with any foolish 3rd party runs. I’m talking to you, crazy old isolationist kook Ron Paul.


Some in the conservative blogosphere are still kvetching about what they perceive as a weak field of candidates. The “Run Sarah (Palin) Run” grassroots drumbeaters are still out there, for example. I also recently heard pundit Krauthammer wistfully lament how the race would be different if only it included some of his preferred eggheads; such as Bobby Jindal, Mitch Daniels, and Paul Ryan. I have a news flash for these fantasy nomination players – the field is the field. Its makeup – especially its omissions - has an awful lot to do with the rectal examination any GOP candidate for POTUS will immediately receive from the corrupt and biased liberal media from the moment an announcement is made. A decision to run for President as an (R) is synonymous with accepting that you, your record, and your character will be mercilessly molded into a negative caricature by the liberal media, and fed to clueless independents as red meat in a mercilessly coordinated political assassination. Just ask Sarah Palin how that works on the receiving end. I suspect her decision, and the decision of Krauthammer’s list of fellow smart guys, took this reality into consideration. Correcting this problem is a longer term project. For now, let’s just play the game with the team on field, shall we?

Which brings me to the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue ... Yes, getting a warm body not actually hostile to the interests of the American people into the Oval Office is important. But that’s only half the equation, at most. We need conservative legislation to come off Capitol Hill for that warm body to sign with his autopen. National polls are starting to show, for the first time in my lifetime I think, more voters self-identifying (R) than (D). These numbers bode well for keeping the House of Representatives out of the kleptocratic clutches of Nanny Pelosi and her corrupt gang. The 2012 set up is also ripe for a GOP takeover of the Senate. Of the 33 seats on the line, 23 are the Donkey party’s to hold or lose. Only 10 are for the GOP to defend. A swing of 4 gives the GOP a plain majority, and a swing of 13 gets the GOP to the magical filibuster proof 60 number. Reaching 60 is very possible IMHO, provided the GOP runs a decent campaign. However, based on history, I expect the GOP to run the usual dismal campaign and come out with a 52-55 seat majority.

I intend to do all I can at a local level to defeat the progressive technocrat with the (D) label representing my congressional district – affectionately known around these parts as “Jihad” Gerry Connolly for his close ties to the Islamist front group CAIR. I also intend to somehow help with George Allen re-taking the Senate seat he lost in 2006, all because the hacks at the Washington Post mounted a merciless character assassination over a nonsense word. George Allen’s re-ascendancy to that seat will be a sign of the decline of Political Correctness and its cult of mumbo-jumbo. If you don’t have a clue about the congressional races in your district / state, LAS strongly suggests you start paying attention and prepare to cast votes you won’t regret down the road.


Nationally, the visceral battle for the hearts and minds of the American electorate will occur at street level.

As far as “governance” from DC is concerned - there won’t be any in 2012. The hapless establishment GOP will once again fail to capitalize on the strong hand We The People gave them in the election of 2010 – the hand that controls the purse strings. They proved that by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory time and again in 2011. Dingy Harry Reid’s Democrat Senate will ring up a fourth straight year of failing to even bother to pass a budget. The Empty Suit That Occasionally Occupies the Oval Office will be in perpetual campaign mode, on the taxpayer dime, demagogically spreading lies across the land. His unaccountable Leftist bureaucrats will dream up still more economy killing regulations and taxes.

The real action will be in a contrast between the TEA Party and Occupy movements. Translating this contrast to an actionable vote is within the grasp of clueless independents. We need to relentlessly remind clueless independents of the following:

• TEA Party patriots assemble and make a specific point – i.e. we’re tapped out on taxes and regulations. Then they clean up after themselves and go back to their individual productive activities in the civil society. In other words, the TEA Party movement represents the productive class.

• Occupiers never leave, unless and until evicted, and the only coherent point seems to be a strong desire to be handed more of other people’s stuff. When finally evicted, they leave behind a bestowment of trash, pestilence, and crime for the civil society. In other words, the Occupy movement represents the entitlement class.

• TEA Party patriots organize behind candidates and issues when they go home. They get people elected and legislation passed. Occupiers go back to their basements and rant on the Huffington Post and other Leftist sites.

The corrupt and biased liberal media will apply all of its resources to obfuscating and lying about the contrast. Communicating the contrast will be the patriotic duty of the blogosphere, AM talk radio and all the other forms of alternative media rapidly making the MSM obsolete.

LAS has one specific 2012 recommendation for the TEA Party movement. We need one more massive rally in DC along the lines of the 9-12-09 rally. Even the corrupt and biased MSM will not be able to hide it from America when we assemble by the hundreds of thousands, make our point legally, peacefully, and articulately, pick up after ourselves, and leave behind the pathetic band of whiny hippies, hobos, and criminals sleeping in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza under the Occupy banner.

Update 1/8/12

Following is a 9-12-09 vid from my YouTube Playlist.

Check out the whole playlist. It's a great reminder of the patriotic spirit that was unleashed in 2009. Some of the links are broken, but after nearly three years, that's to be expected. My personal favorite is #12, depicting the Russ Carnahan townhall revolt (one of many that summer). A close second for me is #26 - lampooning how ObamaCare was shoved down our throats. The singer-guitarist in the prologue and epilogue is my then eleven year old son; equipped with nothing but an $80 acoustic and off-the-shelf PC microphone.
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