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Monday, March 28, 2011

Quickie Analysis: Barry's Big Libya Speech

There was a little too much "All About Barry" attitude for my taste - but it wasn't as egregious a hack job of naked self-promotion as  the train wreck that was his Oval Office speech on the BP Oil Spill.  So, I'll let that pass, and give him credit for "growing" in office.


No, the real problem here is the same problem we had before he began speaking tonight - still way more questions than answers.

I still don't have a clue what the so-called rebels have in mind for a post-Ghadafi Libya.  President WTF didn't have anything to say about that.

I still don't have a clue as to whether President WTF intends to bomb the snot out of the city of Sitre, in the name of  'humanitarian support' to the rebels determined to take that city as their civil war's next strategic objective.  If we do, civilians will die.  If we don't, a stalemate and a divided Libya is probable.  Which will it be, Barry?

Yeah, I heard him say taking sides in an Arab civil war is somehow in our national interest - but I didn't hear any concrete metrics that will determine when we decide to start bombing the snot out of whom going forward.

I also heard him say 'Regime Change' is his official policy, but I didn't hear anything about how to actually accomplish it - except it won't be like Iraq, and the US won't be in the lead.  (Can Barry speak on any subject without a 'Blame Bush' moment?  Sigh.)

I thought I heard something about supporting the universal right of people to be governed by "responsive" governments.  Uhhhhhh, TEA Party?  ObamaCare?

Looks like we just have to bumble along with President WTF.  Everything you heard tonight has a 24 hour expiration.


Hey, I've got a better idea - it's a simple two point plan:

(1)  Drill here, drill now.

(2)  Let the Arabs sort out their own damn problems.

Update 03/29/11

Here's a little 'connect the dots' exercise for you this morning.

George Soros ... Open Society Institute ... buckets of money ... Centre for International Governance Innovation ... the Responsibility to Protect principle ... President WTF's 'Humanitarian Imperialism' policy ...
'New World Order.'

A review here.
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  1. Actually it was not an Oval Office speech, I'm not exactly sure what room it was in, but he had an audience there to stand and applaud him when he was finished. Very strange.

    I only heard one or two "let me be clear" statements. He has improved on his speechifying, and the style of the speech was better than some of recent. However, he simply avoided answering many questions.

    As to troops on the ground, we already have US troops on the ground, marking targets for the jets etc. Now the Camp LeJeune Marines are shipping out to Libya

    Right Truth

  2. @Debbie: Last night's speech was given from the National Defense University (NDU).

    I meant to identify the Oval Office as the setting for the Gulf Oil Spill speech train wreck - to make an unflattering comparison.

    And, yes, President WTF has us on a slippery slope of endless escalation with his policy of 'humanitarian imperialism.'

  3. I have to agree with your assessment. We have not a clue as to with whom we are dealing over there. These folks might be worse that the current dictator.

  4. @Matt: And wouldn't it be special if we're now Al-Qaeda's Air Force and arms merchant?


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