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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Contemporary Politics and Newton's Three Laws Of Motion (Part 9)

When I started the series under this title back in January, I think I could have predicted, with strong confidence, the psychodrama would include an Imam, as well as Barack Hussein Obama.  But a pastor from Gainesville, Florida with a congregation of less than fifty families?  You truly cannot make this stuff up.  I'm pretty sure Ken Kesey didn't make up much when he wrote the book "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," so that's our graphic for this week's insanity.

Now, to be perfectly “fair and balanced,” I think I should tell everyone exactly what I think of the three primary protagonists in the current psychodrama.

The Reverend Terry Jones seems to me to be both genuine and mediocre. I have no doubt he truly believes “Islam is of the Devil.” And, you know, with all the blowing stuff up and stoning of women and all that, I will grant he might actually have a point.  But he is going about making the point entirely incompetently. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (May 20, 2010) cleverly hit the mark because it showed the Islamists are willing to go ballistic over silly stuff.  Burning books stoops to their level.

The Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is the Reverend Jones’ polar opposite. Rauf is no fool. Rauf is a coldly calculating snake – and a lying sack o’ s**t to boot. Rauf is a devoted practitioner of Dawah, which is basically Jihad’s silver-tongued law firm. Radical Islam gives the practitioners of Dawah license to lie through their teeth in order to advance the spread of Islam. This is what explains why the self-proclaimed “bridge builder” is intransigent regarding the location of his Cordoba House Victory Mosque.  Location is everything in real estate - especially when your goal is to dance on your victims' graves.

Then there is Barack Hussein Obama. BHO is no “mainstream Christian,” despite the protestations of his Minister of Propaganda, Mr. Robert Gibbs. Sitting in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s pews for twenty years, then failing to select in DC church to attend now almost two years into his term, is decidedly not the profile of a “mainstream Christian.” In fact, BHO is no Christian at all. Going to the gym on Christmas Day is the proof of this. No – BHO is in fact an Atheist, as any self-respecting faculty lounge pseudo-intellectual would be. And, as such, he is the Imam Rauf’s useful idiot. He is unable to see the snake at his very own feet for what it is.

Before the past week’s insanity began, I already had a good bead on the characters of both BHO and Rauf. My read on Jones’ character, the “Johnny come lately” in this psychodrama, was not yet in focus – until the “quid pro quo” madness hit the news.

What made the Gainesville fool think he could possibly be in a position to strike a deal with the Dawah snake? Well, in large part, that would be the useful idiot elevating the profile of the Gainesville fool, by sticking his nose into the affair as incompetently and hypocritically as he stuck his nose into the Ground Zero Mosque affair.

These two affairs are ironically equivalent. The Ground Zero Mosque deserves entirely to be an international incident. The Gainesville book burning hardly deserves to make the local newspaper. Both are cases where the protagonists have the “right” to engage in their offensive actions, but are wrong for doing so. Any Commander-in-Chief could have avoided any controversy by simply mouthing the words of the previous sentence in both situations.  That’s not what happened, of course, as we all now know.

The useful idiot initially downplayed Ground Zero Mosque as a “local zoning issue.” Wrong - strike one. Then he stepped in it by endorsing the Iman’s First Amendment right to stick a thumb in Western Civilization’s collective eye. Duh! – strike two. The very next day he stated he had no comment on the ‘wisdom’ of exercising this right. Huh? – strike three.

How did the Dawah snake play his next move? Well, on September 8th, Rauf essentiually blackmailed all Americans in a nationally televised CNN interview.   His formula was no different from the old Mafia protection racket - "nice store you have here, sure would be a shame if a rock was thrown through the window ..."

Then the Gainesville fool comes along with his plans, so richly deserving to be completely ignored. The useful idiot steps into it right away – with both feet this time – by simultaneously coming off as a hypocrite and an international appeaser, in a September 9th nationally reported ABC interview. Not only does he hypocritically choose to comment on the ‘wisdom’ of the Gainesville fool (duh! again), but he also accepts the premise of the Dawah snake’s blackmail. Strikes 4 and 5 on one pitch - BHO setting new records all over the place.
The books have not been burned yet. That’s because the Gainesville Fool got in over his head. The Ground Zero Mosque will not be built. THAT will be because We The People will not submit to the Dawah snake’s blackmail.

Update 09/13/2010

As often happens, my morning drive time with Chris Plante's radio show opened my eyes to an interesting alternative take on current events.  What if Terry Jones never intended to burn the books?  What if Terry Jones orchestrated the whole thing from the tweet forward, in order to set up the Religion of Peace's predictably crazed reaction at the mere possibility of offense? 

Exhibit A from the blog page of Mr. Plante's employer, WMAL:

Well, I guess I'd have to stop referring to him as the Gainesville Fool, and start referring to him as the Gainesville Fox - as in "crazy like a fox."  If I was in his shoes I'd start playing up this angle immediately.  There would be no downside for him, assuming he can pull it off.

Then, there is the conversation thread I joined last night on merriemarie's clog, in which a reasonable case is made for promoting Barry from useful idiot to willful collaborator in the Dawah snake's deception.

One never really knows which inmate is running the asylum these days.
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  1. "the useful idiot"
    This term fits perfectly with how I see this guy. He has grand illusions of himself as the messiah who will lead the global marxist utopia after the fall of capitalism. Completely clueless to the almost absolute likelihood that another ruthless bastard (Hitler, Stalin, Mao... - take your pick) will come in and take over in a bloodbath similar to every other episode of communist takeover in history. Oblammer and his elite minions will be the first to go...and he won't be given a chance to blame Bush....
    EF Hayek spelled it out in "Road to Serfdom".
    You can almost see them lining up and salivating (Putin, Castro, Chavez, Ill, Imadinnerjacket). They are waiting for the opportunity to be that ruthless bastard.
    It is our job to make sure this DOESN'T happen!

    “It is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invader’s hearth.”
    -Winston Churchill

  2. Very well said. I think you identified all the suspects and their roles, very precisely.

  3. @Jethro: Yep, Winston Churchill is definitely a Team Liberty Hall-of-Famer.

  4. @Matt: A lifetime of observing the usual suspects (Libs and other Leftists) for entertainment purposes has made this project as effortless as exhaling Carbon Dioxide.

  5. L@S: be said carbon dioxide...a bad word...

    Reverend Jones should have taken advantage of the pulpit that would have been provided by this event. There would have been a media madhouse at the church on Saturday. The entire parish could have announced at the last minute that their prayers had been answered and they decided to take the opportunity to expose Islam for the flawed ideology it is by reading the Koran excerpts that the radicals use as excuses for the evils that they do. Then cite examples of the horrors that moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus have suffered by the hands of these barbarians. Then they could have offered those books to anyone who wished to read for themselves. This is the best way to show the beauty of Christianity - people may have impure thoughts, but their actions are what is judged by God.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant!

    I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.
    -Abraham Lincoln


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