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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Drama-Queen-In-Chief Throws Hissy Fit

We got a close up view of the petulant demagogue that inhabits the Empty Suit, in yesterday's Rose Garden concession speech on gun control. Shamefully unpresidential, if I may say.

Memo to Barry: Never too late to learn how to negotiate in good faith ... looks like the shine is rubbing off the 'permanent campaign' apple.


(1) Chris Plante is delivering a barn burner of radio show this morning. One of his callers astutely pointed out Barack Hussein Obama showed more emotion in this Rose Garden hissy fit than he did describing the terrorist attack in Boston. Hmmmmmmmm.

(2) Speaking of the Boston attack ... it seems Team Leftie won't be getting to blame a TEA Party affiliated survivalist on my right wing blog roll. Somebody at the New York Post seems to have pretty good FBI contacts ...

(3) But, as a consolation prize, Team Leftie does get to finger an Elvis impersonator for mailing a deadly chemical to the President of the United States. As sure a sign of the decline of the republic as any. Remember when Nixon entertained the real Elvis in the Oval Office ... without incident?

Update 2:20 pm

More on President Emoticon's dramatic Rose Garden performance from The Virginian blog. Remember when Nixon - misguidedly - said "we're all Keynesians now"? I guess we're all Alinksyites now. (update 2:35 - the mockery part, not the lying part or the mob violence part. Leave those to Barry and His Corrupt Gang of Progressives.)

Update 2:20 pm

And TCOTS has an awesome graphic accompanying more reaction to Barry's foot stomping:

Update 4:20 pm

The New York Post FBI has cleared the two men pictured on its front page this morning. As a courtesy I've updated the photo, above.

Update 4/19/13

Dick Morris has as good a final word as any on the Rose Garden Hissy Fit.
The president was amazed that people did not read the plain language in the bill which bans using the background check information to amass a registry of gun owners. But he’s wrong. They read it. They just didn’t believe it.

Like they didn’t believe that the requirement that only fiscal bills could pass with a bare majority would stop Obama from passing the health care bill with only a majority.

Like they didn’t believe that the ban on recess appointments when Congress was not in recess would stop Obama from naming National Labor Relations Board members without Senate confirmation while the Senate was not in recess.

Like they didn’t believe that the president wouldn’t allocate to himself the executive authority to pass the DREAM Act after it was rejected by Congress.

Like they didn’t believe that the feds would try to name ministers in churches, and so forth and so on.

You can’t abuse the public’s trust as much as this president has and then cry when they don’t trust you.
Memo to Barry: If you want to get things done in this town, it takes something they didn't teach you in Community Agitator school. Leadership. Like the Reagan-O'Neill (mostly Reagan) Pennsylvania axis in the 80's, or the Clinton-Gingrich (mostly Gingrich) Pennsylvania Avenue axis of the 90's. Still not too late for you to read about how these guys actually met face-to-face and negotiated in good faith and in private.

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