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Monday, April 8, 2013

Amnesty Roulette

I will be brief in my use of this space today to opine on one the great issues of the day. My profit motive is going very unsatisfied here, and I'm in a lousy mood beside, so there. More importantly, though, the ridiculous clown car wreck that passes for governance in DC these days deserves naught but the most contemptuous brevity from any sentient citizen now counting himself or herself among the "governed."

We have "gangs of eight" negotiating the future of some 10-20 million illegal aliens, in near total secrecy, in the clown car formerly known as the "Greatest Deliberative Body On Earth" (The US Senate). I, LibertyAtStake, shall now say everything that needs to be said on the topic ...


Recognizing mass deportation is as practical a proposition as the gub'ment confiscating all of our guns (which is to say zero probability of success)1 ... this should be a fair and equitable proposal:

1) First and foremost, prove to me the border is secure. Stop the bleeding. Without this, all that follows is entirely futile. A nice first step would be a resumption of the Executive Branch counting the illegal border-crossers who get away, like former administrations did. Then we need a transparent process for annually certifying to the American people the border remains secure by reporting outputs (results) like the one just mentioned ... not inputs like billions of dollars wasted on useless bureaucracies grouped under an acronym like DHS. Nothing else should be on the table until this condition is met.

2) As for the illegals already here scratching out a living - offer them a legal worker status, but not immediate citizenship. That way, they get to step out of the "shadows" (as liberals so often describe the tax free cash economy they now inhabit), and the gub'ment gets it's "fair share" of revenue from their suddenly legalized labor. Add a token financial penalty, in recognition of the previous legacy of illegality.

3) "Path to citizenship" = go to the back of the legal line. Add a waiting period for full voting rights, in recognition of the previous legacy of illegality. What part of "illegal" in the first place does anyone still not get?

4) Reform the legal immigration bureaucracy. Less bureaucracy, more testing on the constitution and language proficiency.

Thus: (1) Those who supposedly came here to chase the American Dream for themselves and there heirs (as the genetic forebears of myself and millions of others did quite legally through the portal of Ellis Island, many without a dollar in their purse) will have a manageable way to do so, and (2) those who just came for the free gub'ment goodies will find it to be too much trouble and will choose self-deportation or be caught by an enforcement bureaucracy that suddenly has fewer marks to chase. I, LibertyAtStake, will welcome the former as possessing uniquely American DNA, and bid the latter farewell with an admonition to not let the door hit them in the a$$. I also believe toiling legally as well as cognizant of what the gub'ment confiscates from each paycheck for a few years will bring the natural conservative out of those who stay the course.


This is why my proposal, or anything remotely like it, won't get done:

(1) The Donkey Party's one and only goal is an instant infusion of tens of millions of undocumented Democrats to bus to the polls in November. So they can instantly become permanently installed clients of the progressive welfare nanny state.


The odds on where the clown car wreck lands are precisely as decipherable as a roulette wheel.

Fifty percent the Establishment GOP folds to the Donkey Party's one real aim, to appear to "get something done," and it's mass Amnesty for undocumented Democrats. It will also be the "no sh*t, no way back" end of the Republican Party's relevance, not to mention the uniquely exceptional American society itself. Call this the "land on 'red'" roulette outcome.

Fifty percent grass roots conservatives manage to inject a spine into the Establishment GOP on this one, and nothing gets done in this session. Don't worry, it won't be the end of the world - only 1383 days more to resist to the corrupt progressive reign of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama ... leaving the hope of an actual leader then coming to the White House to get this done.



1 With or without broader registration, no progressive fascist government could round up enough Americans with badges willing to disarm all Americans - at least not as long this remains America. They are going to have move their schemes up to the UN level to have any hope on that one ... ummmm, wait, what's that I just read about a "UN Arms Trade Treaty"? Wonder what the "Greatest Deliberative Body On Earth" will say about that one when President Progressive Pants submits it for ratification?

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