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Monday, January 28, 2013

LAS 2012 Retrospective (Part 2)

(Dear reader:  This post has been in draft since January 14 - and that tells you everything you need to know about the state of this blog project.  I have submitted my muse, the AWOL bastard, to be considered for Chris Carter's "Where You At?" ESPN segment.)

Continuing from Part 1 ...

The pace of posting here entered a recessionary period during the month of July. This particular recession was mainly the result of me adjusting to new surroundings - because I and the woman the state of Florida long ago certified as my lifelong mate entered into a difference of opinion over which one of us had gone off the deep end. I can tap eye witnesses if it becomes necessary.

The staff cartoonist picked up some of the July slack with one of his better contributions; a depiction of Chief Justice Roberts' constitutional capitulation on the ObamaCare ruling. When Roberts said a mandate can be ruled a tax so long as .... ah, something ... now I've lost my train of thought ... what were we talking about ...


The SS LAS righted itself in time to document Team Leftie's ham-fisted August boycott of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain - which ironically turned into a business boom for Chick-Fil-A as legions of normal people (i.e. not Leftists) bought the restaurant's delicious and non-ideological sandwich in counter-protest.

The Right to Eat a Chicken Sandwich In Peace and Quiet

(If this isn't covered by the "right to pursue happiness" then nothing is.)

How did we get to this point? To the point where a friggin' chicken sandwich is at the nexus of an epic ideological battle? I, LibertyAtStake, shall now give you the answer.

The Left.

Later on in August, Dingy Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader for all three of the last three years the Senate has failed to pass a budget) made a splash here with the bald-faced lie Willard Mitt Romney was a tax cheat. The blogosphere responded with an equally credible information campaign exposing Dingy Harry's taste for sex with young boys and farm animals ...

August was also the month Mittens made his wisest judgment of the entire campaign by taking my recommendation to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate. The opposing campaign, however, failed to accept my advice on the angle of attack they should employ against the squeaky clean Ryan.

And just to make completely clear I walk in political lockstep with no one, I made my position perfectly clear on Todd Akin's bad case of Foot-In-Mouth-Disease. (Note: I am pro-life as a matter of morality.)

August was also the month of the largely irrelevant national party conventions.  The Republicans went first and handled the uncertainty of an approaching hurricane quietly and without incident.   The Democrat convention followed with a typically chaotic performance that included leaving all mention of God and Jerusalem as Israel's capital out of the platform, then voting contentiously and ambiguously to put them back, and finally moving their nominee's speech indoors in the face of a 30% threat of rain and 40,000 empty stadium seats.  I contrasted how the two conventions were managed on September 12 with a post drawing on a "Lemonade Stand Anology".
Well, the two big party conventions have been staged, misreported with extreme bias by the mainstream media, and passed into the history books. Here’s my take …

The republic found out which side can run a lemonade stand … and which side can always be counted on to run a deficit and end up with the table smashed and the lemonade running down the street gutter.
The only thing of interest to arise out of these meaningless conventions was the brief reign of a cultural phenomenon known as 'Eastwooding' - i.e. transferring the personality of the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama to an empty chair.

My contribution consisted of the following:

The Most Transparent Administration in History meets to consider the nation's course forward.

Arrayed on the table for our glorious leaders to consider:

(1) The legally passed federal budgets for fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

(2) The Obama deficit reduction plan.

(3) The Obama tax reform plan.

(4) The Obama entitlements reform plan.

(5) The 'Fast and Furious' documents Obama has shielded with Executive Privilege.

(6) Last month's Obama campaign fund raising haul.
I might have added (7) What the average Obama voter actually knows about Obama.


September was also the eleven year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  On 09/11/12, I jotted down "Nine Thoughts on the Eleventh Anniversary of 9/11" - the primary being point number 2:  The US Constitution and sharia law are completely and utterly incompatible.

Almost on cue, al-Qaeda affiliated Islamists celebrated the same anniversary by attacking and murdering an American Ambassador, two Navy SEALs, and another State Department employee. Caught completely flat footed, and faced with events putting the lie to their campaign lie that al-Qaeda had already been defeated, Team Obama peddled the preposterous lie that a YouTube trailer with fewer than 200 views for a film even fewer people had actually screened was the cause of these events. To this day, the Islamist murderers remain at large, but ....... the film maker remains incarcerated by Team Obama, because Team Obama apparently prefers sharia law to the First Amendment.

Everything we've learned to date about the cover up of the failures of leadership before, during, and after this attack are summarized by this graphic:


October was the occasion of what I had told the hacks of the Establishment GOP was their only chance to cut through the stacked deck of media bias - the live televised Presidential debate series. Our combatant was the man I had also told the same hacks was the guy who lacked the chops to succeed. Mittens gave it the old college try, even producing what looked like a surge in the polls, but ultimately proved me right on both points.

We all know what happened next - on November 6, the candidate of Taker Nation defeated the candidate of Maker Nation. It was official - 51% of the people had figured out they could use gub'ment to steal the wealth and property of the other 49%. And we all know what happens after that.

In December, on cue, a lunatic in Newtown, Connecticut gave Taker Nation the excuse it needed to mount a manic assault on 2nd Amendment rights. The very same 2nd Amendment designed to keep gub'ment in check when it gains too big an appetite for extorting the wealth and property of its subjects.


And yet my muse does nothing but send me these idiotic postcards from the dark side of the moon. Doesn't the slacker realize the Mideast is about to go up in flames? Doesn't the lazy bastard know we are looking at four more years of a 'new normal' economy with structural unemployment stuck on 8%? Can't he see the Community-Agitator-In-Chief's mad dash toward the socialist dystopia prescribed by him and his ideological mentors Alinsky, Ayers, Cloward, and Piven?

And If The Cloud Bursts...Thunder In You Ear
You Shout And No One Seems To Hear
And If The Band You're In Starts Playing Different Tunes
I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Update 1/29/13

Now my muse is just f*cking with me. Last night he sent greetings from south of the border. Cats and Dogs? Really?

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