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Friday, January 4, 2013

LAS 2012 Retrospective (Part 1)

(A kind of rambling stream of consciousness in more or less chronological order, composed while listening to a Pandora Radio station seeded by the following bands: Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Keys, and White Stripes)

January 2012 opened with this blog wrapping up its combined 2011 review and 2012 preview, in typically belated fashion (note the date on this post, dear reader). Reviewing these posts now I can see I was giddy with an expectation 2012 might be the year the republic would finally be rid of the Saul Alinsky Radical Known as Barack Hussein Obama. As I embark on this annual review effort I am instead still reeling from the shock of witnessing my republic re-elect this lawless demagogue to a second term, despite an unbroken record of policy failures.

On January 2nd I wrote with foresight greatly exceeding that of your sixty billion dollar State Department - "The current state of affairs is a set up for the rise of an Egyptian Islamic Caliphate." Recent turns of Egyptian events involving the lawless demagogue known as Mohammed Morsi are bringing this prediction to a rapid (in historical terms) fruition. In the same post, I also made the point "For Israel, 2012 will be a year of living at defcon one and a half." And it has been. Still, I expect 2013 will be worse - much worse - for Israel as her enemies on all sides grow stronger due to the absolute collapse of Team Barry's foreign policy. The Benghazi scandal still holds this failure up in sharp relief as no one has really been held accountable for the obvious failures before, during, and after the attack by the Islamists. Certainly not the Islamist attackers. Oh sure, a few low level bureaucrats were given leave with pay in the coverup, and the corrupt lamestream media thinks that will be the end of it. It won't be.

On January 7th I laid out for the establishment GOP why Mittens was the wrong nominee. My warnings were unheeded as everyone knows by now. I also promised in January that 2012 would be the last year for this blog. I'm still sorting out what my muse might be telling me about that promise. The balance between labor and love seems to be shifting in this "labor of love."

January was also the month I introduced a new (to this blog) format that has served me well since then - as a simple device that is simultaneously educational and humorous. Thanks to the good and anonymous (to me) folks at, this line on the blog's expense sheet stands at $0.00.

My First Demotivational Poster

On January 28 I entered the blogging hall of fame (in my own mind) by posting the proof I personally invented the phrase "the only thing dumber than the average person is a crowd." Replace "crowd" with "electorate" and you can begin to understand why the Saul Alinsky Radical Known as Barack Hussein Obama retains his power.


February highlights here included a pithy handwritten analysis of why gasoline prices have more than doubled under the Obama regime ...

March was the most active month here. There was the great Andrew Breitbart to eulogize, the emergence of pathetico Sandra Fluke to lampoon, and the media lynching of George Zimmerman to chronicle, among various and sundry other events of the day. The campaign of self-declared 1/32nd Cherokee Elizabeth Warren to become Senator Fauxahontas must have been one of them, as I recall this hilarious graphic appearing with great frequency across my blog roll ...

April was the month we discovered the most powerful man on Earth had a long ago acquired taste for dog meat ...

... and also the month I declared reluctant general election fealty to the latest moderate establishment GOP nominee forced down our throats, with a post titled 'We're All Mittens Men Now.' As everyone knows, and I predicted during the primary season, Mittens was but a tasty treat for the Left's Billion Dollar Slime Machine in the end game.

May was the month the Left introduced us all to the contemptibly dependent "Julia" composite they consider to be their model citizen ...

... and also the month our staff cartoonist joined the fray - his first contribution being a very sophisticated statement on the progress of negotiations with Iran concerning nuclear arms proliferation.

Also in May, I set up the framework for how to interpret the general election of 2012 with a post titled 'How Stupid *is* My Republic?'
LAS likes how Limbaugh is explaining Barry's erratic, hyperbolic, and cynical statements of late. It is an open electoral appeal to the truly ignorant and dumb. So, that's it then ... 2012 will demonstrate just how dumb my republic has finally become. Dumb enough to re-elect a failed demagogue? We shall see.
With the complicity of the corrupt and biased lamestream media, we found out the answer - yes, dumb enough to re-elect a failed demagogue.

The crescendo moment for the 2012 edition of DC ass clown kabuki came in June, as far as I'm concerned. That is when Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts correctly decided individual mandates are unconstitutional, apparently ingested two large mushrooms, and then psychedelically declared a requirement for all individuals to purchase a specific product under penalty of law does not meet the definition of 'mandate.'
I woke up this morning still spittin' mad over this absurd clown circus.

Q: When is a mandate a tax?

A: When the President repeatedly says it isn't to get it through the Senate, the three thousand page bill no one reads uses the 'm' word, and a single judge bends himself into pseudo-intellectual pretzels to miraculously transform it.

DC has become a dangerously ridiculous parody of governance. Or, perhaps, the final proof of the immutable truth transmitted by my favorite all time political quote: "In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve."

And it was all downhill from there for my republic, as we shall see in Part 2.

Update 1/8/13

A foresighted forecast from my February 27, 2012 post. I don't know if I should pat myself on the back for being smart, or kick myself in the a$$ for going into the tank for Mittens and his campaign team (Larry, Moe, and Curly) during the general.
According to some exit polling [from the GOP primaries], Mittens is garnering a majority of the vote for people who stipulate they are looking for the candidate most likely to defeat Obama. As with so many “majorities,” this one is dead wrong. All I can figure is they are going for the Gary Cooperish matinee idol looks. Newsflash – Obama already has this angle covered – only updated – metrosexual and half-black for [the] modern voter.

As I’ve explained, and will continue to explain until it sinks in, Romney is the opponent Obama wants. Romney lacks the chops to score a knock-out punch on the all-important one-on-one debate stage, and Romney is the Richie Rich villain to cast as the target of Team Leftie’s rotten class warfare message.
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