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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Election 2012 Post-Mortem (For Dummies)

This is the second and final election 2012 analysis piece I shall post here. It is the follow up to my November 13 post “Election 2012 Post-Mortem (Executive Summary)” – from which the key takeaway was:
3. Looks like I got the answer to my May 8 post, “How Stupid *is* My Republic?”

4. Demographics are destiny, and Team (R) needs to figure out how to reach the great mass of clueless, uninformed, vulnerable, and mathematically challenged in the emerging demographics – without pandering to them by offering more free stuff paid for by somebody else. That would mean merely joining Team (D) as part of the problem, like the Bush/Hastert 2000-2006 RINO coalition did.
In this follow-up I shall explain how to accomplish this in terms so simple even the perpetual losers in the country club dining room establishment GOP will be able to understand.


First of all - and proving once again there is a great Kinks song for every situation – the GOP needs to figure out how to “Give the People What They Want.”

Where’s Dave in this video? And did Ray place the gluttons in Dave’s usual position, Stage Left, as some sort of snarky commentary on Dave’s location at the time the video was shot? Never mind, back to the point …

I don’t mean demagogically pandering with endless offers of free stuff paid for by somebody else! Pay attention! It’s about the messaging, not the goods, dummies!


Let’s take a moment to break down who these people are, shall we?

Well, for one thing, they will vote for Obama even though they oppose his actual policies. Really. The question is … why so stupid, Iron man? Maybe Iron Man doesn’t know a damn thing about who’s policies are whose, and only looks at surface of things. D’ya think?

Howard Stern found people who think Paul Ryan is black, and Obama’s running mate, and don’t even know Bin Laden is dead. Really. Anyone this information impoverished should be detained for their own safety.

Voting rights are available to people who know nothing of American history and traditions. Possibly because they have been educated by a public school system that has devolved into a Leftist indoctrination mill.

Voting rights are extended to people who will believe the most ridiculous assertions, possibly because they get all of their information from the corrupt and biased Leftist lamestream media.


So, how do you get through to these people, GOP? If 2012 proves anything, you need their votes to win a national election. And the Left’s grip on Hollywood, academe, media, and the public school room may be declining – but not fast enough.

I’ll give you a two part answer … pay attention closely … I’ll make it so simple even you perpetual losers in the country club dining room establishment GOP will understand.

Policy and Talking About Policy

Give it too ‘em straight – like a double shot of moonshine. They need to taste it. It’s the only way to break through the fog of confusion the Left has been laboring so hard to create in their minds via decades of media and culture domination. Call a liar out as a liar – and stop asserting he’s a ‘nice guy’ – when he and his minions lie about your record and tax returns. You know what I’m talking about, Mittens.

Call a Saul Alinsky radical out as a Saul Alinsky radical – like Newt did in his South Carolina victory speech - and stop pretending he’s a center left Democrat for the sake of decorum. This is the lesson you failed to learn from your South Carolina primary defeat, Mittens.

Stop listening to Karl Rove and the rest of the old establishment putz cabal pimping themselves out as “consultants”, and start listening to emerging new establishment leaders like Bill Whittle.

This is not “Give the People What They (Think) They Want”. It’s “Give Them What They Need, Whether They Like It or Not.” The Left has methodically removed their capacity for critical thinking, and strong counter-programming is required to pull them back to God’s gift of Reason that was given to us by the Age of Enlightenment.

Packaging the Messenger

This is where “Give the People What They Want” comes into play tactically. The slice of the Leftist cow pie this clueless electorate has been fed, that is least consequential to the election sales cycle, is auto-bias around race, class, and gender. So, let’s just go with it, in a quietly laser focused way for a couple of election cycles. It’s not like we don’t have a strong bench of articulate conservative candidates who are not white, not male, or not both. Mia Love, Allen West, Susana Martinez, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz … I could go on and on. Here in Northern Virginia we have an activist who goes by “Tito the Builder” and gives a conservative stump speech that yields to no one. Let’s tap into superficial appearances for a couple of cycles - as the means to smashing its necessity.

Which brings me to advice for the 2016 Presidential nominee, a favorite parlor game for conservatives these days …

Please, not another Bush! Another country club dining room white man would be a sure loser. If the GOP learned anything from the futile Mittens campaign, it has to be this. Yes, Jeb, we all know you’re the smart one in the family … but timing is everything in life. And the timing for a Bush family dynasty has passed. Play your cards right and I bet President-elect Rubio will give you the prime cabinet post of your choosing.

Update 11/26/12

I found this Thanksgiving trip report from David Horowitz to be instructive regarding who the Democrats think their constituents are, if only tangential to my main argument.

Update 11/27/12

Memo to GOP: If you get my point, you will immediately make Kelly Ayotte lead SpokesSenator in the good fight to hold the administration accountable for Benghazi. Senator Ayotte is perfectly articulate and committed to getting to the bottom of the scandal ... and the kids won't hear Charlie Brown's teacher when she speaks (like they have been conditioned to do with all old white males). Screw seniority. Do you want to win, or not?

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