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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Right to Eat a Chicken Sandwich In Peace and Quiet

(If this isn't covered by the "right to pursue happiness" then nothing is.)

How did we get to this point? To the point where a friggin' chicken sandwich is at the nexus of an epic ideological battle? I, LibertyAtStake, shall now give you the answer.

The Left.


The Left is a fascistic political theology. The Left is the ideology of the Stepford Wives, as a matter of fact. If you do not believe as they do, they will use every means at their disposal to force you to do so, or marginalize you out of their anointed sight.

For example, if Mayor Nanny Bloomberg doesn't want a large coca-cola, he's going to do everything in his power to make damn sure nobody else can have one either. If you think there might be an explanation other than their preferred explanation of racism for this or that statistic - they immediately label you a racist. If you advocate policies proven to increase opportunity for everyone, albeit without proportionally precisely equal results for all (their fantasy), they label you as possessing a deficit of "compassion." When you point out their so-called "compassionate" policies have a record of destroying opportunity for those who need it most, they go ballistic. And so on. There's simply no reasoning with these people.

Take this pseudo-intellectual drive through jerk, for example. What a sanctimonious twit. A true Fascist. And a perfect representative of the jackbooted, brown shirt American Progressive Left. Period. End of sentence.


So, I, LibertyAtStake, applaud the multitudes of "Regular Americans" (Mark Levin's awesome, somewhat sarcastic, Archie Bunkeresque label) of every race, creed, class, and this damn label, and that damn label - who enjoyed a simple chicken sandwich in First Amendment solidarity.

By way of transparent full disclosure I must, however, admit I did not participate directly in Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. You see, I've never been much of a "joiner." And I had more immediate concerns to look after, truth be told. I'm more like William Dafoe's character in the movie 'Platoon.' Yeah, sure, I'm happy to lead a tactical unit into the teeth of the firefight (metaphorically, of course). I've learned I can be pretty good at that, you know. And, sure, I'd prefer to just relax with the guys between firefights, too - like Elias. But, the truth is, like Sgt. Elias, I actually 'do my best work alone.' (For dramatic purposes put into your mind or actually view Elias' penultimate foray into the jungle to rescue Sgt. Barnes. Sucks to be principled.)


So, I, LibertyAtStake, will just keep doing my thing over here. Today, that means highlighting three new sites on the "More Linkage" area of the "Schieffer Blog Roll" (eyes right and slightly downward).

These fine, patriotic, creative, artists seem to have created a new Intertubes genre we might label "Captioning For Fun and Profit." lampooning the philosophical basis for the dementia. mocking the political party under it's demented mind control. on 24x7 duty heckling their current champion, the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Enjoy, patriots. I don't think I'll join in. I recently discovered I can get YouTube on my BlueRay player. Yeah, I know, I'm a late adopter.

Update 8/9/12

See what I mean about the Left's go-to, knee jerk, call to racism response. Pavlov's dog exercised more independent judgment.
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