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Monday, December 2, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (11/18/13 - 12/2/13): The Tryptophan Interregnum of 2013

Epic Thanksgiving Holiday road trip completed without major incident … left town with rented Land Yacht Lincoln Wednesday … successfully navigated into midtown Manhattan Wednesday evening without murdering any of the dozen or so cabbies who thoroughly deserved it … Wednesday night’s stay in Euro Trash boutique hotel on 8th Avenue OK … room clean and everything worked … got to see prodigal son march in Macy’s parade … his once in a lifetime experience complemented by another – he was interviewed by NY Daily News ... except I’ve seen him play a lot of instruments and “xylophone” isn’t one of them, and beside he was on the banner for the parade march … oh well, more crack American journalism at work … then a rented helicopter flight around Manhattan … man, Ellis Island is a lot smaller than I thought … 3 hour drive north for the annual tryptophan fix in Grandma’s kitchen, just later than usual … scenic westerly drive back to DC (I-88 to I-81 to I-70/I-270) … because that way there aren’t any NYC cabbies or New Jersey Turnpike Road Warriors … settled back into home base Saturday night. Now, let’s see what the Empty Suit has been up to … oh yeah, I almost forgot – he’s “fixing” that pesky website at “private sector velocity” … fixing it up so fast that eventually it might even be able to handle actual commerce. Real commerce on a web site? Unbelievable! The wonders that hundreds of millions in taxes can buy these days.
On Chris Plante's radio show this morning they are talking about the Community-Agitator-In-Chief issuing instructions to his hypnotized zombie followers, with the assistance of his personal brown shirt gang (OFA), to get aggressively political at the Thanksgiving dinner table. You have to figure a lot of these glassy eyed kamikaze politicos will be college students. The anti-aircraft defense for the parents of these crazed dive bombers is simple. Give the young scholar an easy calculation they will immediately understand. Shut up or the beer stipend is cut off.
Have you seen the trailer for the "Amazon original series 'Alpha House'"? It seems I can't go to any political site without hearing "We're the GOP, winning is what we do." A more ridiculous premise I have never heard.
Yesterday, an historic diplomatic deal was announced between western civilization and the leading state sponsor of terrorism from Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell. Western civilization agreed to lift the economic sanctions that were designed to prevent Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell from acquiring nuclear weapons. In return, Mohammed's Murder Monkey Cult From Hell pinky swore that all that stuff about destroying the Great Satan and wiping Israel off the map was the camel water talking.
During my day job, I sometimes review resumes for Information Technology and Software Development people. In the coming years I expect I will see a lot of "2010-2013: personal sabbatical." where I might have instead seen something like "2010-2013: CGI, Obamacare Exchange."
In a congressional hearing yesterday, it was revealed the back end systems for accepting premium payments through healthcare.goof still haven't been developed, much less tested. These Democrats really are hell bent on giving away more free stuff.
Today the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama mumbled something on camera about "one side of Capitol Hill being invested in [the] failure [of Obamacare]." What he meant to say was "the Democrats literally changed the locks on committee hearing room doors while packing 3000 pages with nothing but their ideas on the way to passing the law with nothing but Democrat votes, so the train wreck is completely 100% owned by the Democrats."
What is the special skill set required for "journalism"? Reading and writing? The school of journalism that can build a time machine and transport its graduates back a thousand years might have something useful to say about its product.
On the comment boards, and inside my own noodle, I have played with the idea of supporting Representative Fred Upton’s Obamacare “fixit” bill. It’s not a terrible bill – that is if it does what it seems it will do - which is drive a stake through the fiscal heart of ObamaCare while simultaneously saying to the baying masses Republicans care too. The downside is it gives some Democrats a place to hide politically, but that consideration alone is politics too clever by half. Every Democrat who voted for the law, and then even refused to vote for funding the rest of the government at current levels during the shutdown fight, is hopelessly tied to the sinking ship already.

However, I’ve decided to be against the Upton bill. On the grounds it is a half measure itself, missing the true political and policy moment. It’s time for the GOP to do a full on “repeal and replace” bill with conservative ideas for reforming the health insurance business. The baying masses wouldn’t know it because the corrupt and biased liberal media hasn’t told them, but the Republican Study Committee has had multiple complete bills on the shelf ready to go for three years. Over to you, Speaker Boehner. Do you have the sand? The Saul Alinsky radical occupying the Oval Office, who has smeared you mercilessly lo these many years, is bleeding political capital daily. Here’s your chance to make him pay with a veto to the replacement to his “signature achievement” only to have that veto overridden. Revenge is always best served cold. Especially when the entire Donkey Party is trampling over each other in a full on panic. An opportunity like this comes less often than once a generation.
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