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Friday, October 18, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (10/13/13 - 10/16/13): What's Another Trillion In Debt Between Friends and Fellow DC Establishment Hacks?

10/16/2013 (8 am)
That clanging sound is DC kicking the debt and deficit can down the road once again. That clinking sound is the hacks of the Establishment GOP, taking breakfast in the country club dining room, and celebrating yet another unconditional surrender to their Donkey Party overlords. That ticking sound is the official lame duck clock running out on the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama. That honking sound is my commute sucking again, as hordes of “non-essential” bureau-weenies resume their rightful place snarling the local roads. With a nice fat back pay check waiting for them at the office. Well at least those Barrycade eyesores might go away soon if the Park Service Gestapo gets around to cleaning up its mess.
Future readers of this archive are owed a succint explanation for the small government libertarian society in which they live. By far, the biggest reason is the dishonest messaging behind ObamaCare, which was followed by the incompetent roll out of its online Exchanges. As I write this, legions of low information young adults who thought ObamaCare was supposed to be free stuff are finding out the hard way it's going to cost them dearly to satisfy a mandate to purchase something they know they don't need ... after struggling through a federally developed web site they can see sucks ... while struggling to survive in a crappy economy that can't grow fast enough to employ all of them due to the policies of the same people that gave them the ObamaCare train wreck. They will figure it out and pass the lessons to their offspring.
If anything perfectly encapsulates the unhinged and disingenuously overheated state of our politics today, it is loose talk of debt default from our so-called 'leaders' in DC. The plain fact is enough current revenue flows into the Treasury to pay interest on the debt and entitlements. All that is needed is sufficient leadership to prioritize these things ahead of the least necessary discretionary spending budget line items. Every household in the country not filing for bankruptcy is familiar with the process - you pay mandatory bills first, then prioritize discretionary spending and live without those things that don't make the cut. Now consider the argument offered by the hyperventilating fear mongers of 'default.' They proclaim we simply must borrow more from new creditors to pay off the old creditors. There's a term for that. Pyramid Scheme. It never ends well.
Remember that snotty White House tweet on the anniversary of ACA passage. You know, the one with Barry's signature captioned by "It's. The. Law." Tomorrow is the two week anniversary of the ObamaCare Exchange rollout train wreck. Somehow I don't expect any White House tweets with the url captioned by "It. Don't. Work."
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