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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Archiving 'This Just In' (8/18/13 - 9/15/13): The Great Red Line Debacle of 2013 and Other Sundry Observations

The current situation on the arms control front is Putin watching Assad watching WMD stockpiles acquired only God knows how. Wolf watching fox watching hen house. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait for the declassified KGB files to finally learn what happened to Saddam's WMD.
Harry Reid's talking point yesterday regarding the House Conservatives' push to pass a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire government except for ObamaCare was 'the anarchists are winning.' That's rich ... coming from a Senate Majority Leader whose Senate failed to pass any budget at all in fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012. Hey, Dingy Harry, here's an idea ... follow the constitutional process. Put your head down, shut your mouth, and do your job. Pass your CR, let the House pass its CR, hash out the differences in conference, and send the compromise to the President. Or is that too much work?
Putin vs. Obama in diplomatic chess is about as even a match as Navy SEALs vs. Swedish Bikini Team in a marksmanship contest.
One year anniversary of the Benghazi terrorist attack ... and who has been held accountable? For the attack? For issuing stand down orders to American responders? For the YouTube video lie?
The big news today on the war and peace / highstakes diplomacy front is that the KGB Colonel has brokered the deal with his Syrian puppet that will save the planet from the war mongering, red line ultimatum issuing, Community-Agitator-In-Chief. Whew! See, that overload reset button is paying big dividends with Russia already. Obama’s next bold move should be to drape his Nobel Peace Prize around Putin’s neck in a Rose Garden ceremony. Maybe then Putin would be willing to return the Super Bowl ring he stole from Robert Kraft. You know, as a good will gesture. Then … who knows? Anything might be possible! We might even be in a position to convince the KGB Colonel to exchange Edward Snowden for a year’s supply of Stoli vodka.
Obama's most recent rhetorical justification for intervening in Syria is steeped in Susan Rice's "Responsibility To Protect" (R2P) nonsense. Translation: We are the world's cop. Let us review the last time R2P was applied in the real world. On the advice of Rice (peddler of the Benghazi YouTube lie), we bombed the snot out of an inert threat - Ghadaffi - for nearly a year. So, what is the situation on the ground in Libya today? Total chaos. A veritable 'Thunderdome' of Jihadi misery and strife. Brilliant. R2P nonsense is exactly what I expect to come out of the Empty Suit's mouth during the big speech to the nation this coming Tuesday.
My congressional representative has come out in favor of the big plan to lob a few ineffectual missiles into Syria. He's the OFA funded, CAIR-linked, socialist technocrat known as Gerry Connolly. Well, that's it then ... if Obama has the lickspittle vote locked up, I guess the resolution is fated to pass.
I have a question for New York Times ersatz conservative David Brooks. Who would win the street fight - Hafez Bashar al-Assad or a neatly creased pair of trousers? Who would win the chess match?
The Empty Suit's 'red line' dodge today is it wasn't his standard, it was the world's. So, channeling Cuba Gooding ... 'Show me the coalition, Barry!'
Assad has stated plainly that if the Empty Suit Known as Barack Hussein Obama lobs even one missile into Syria, Syria will respond with missile attacks on Israel. Then what? Who's up for World War III? And for what? To protect the rhetorical credibility of the amateur occupying the Oval Office? Count me out.
If Congress votes 'No' on authority to go to war in Syria, and the Demagogue-In-Chief does it anyway, the constitutional remedy is impeachment. Period. End of sentence.
So, Bathhouse Barry finally sees a reason to follow the constitution and consult with Congress ... the reason being he desperately needs a exit ramp off the Stupid Highway he built for himself in relation to Syria. The combatants in Syria are a brutal puppet dictator whose strings are pulled in Moscow versus a witch's brew of Islamist radicals. The US has no interest in either side winning. The only rational courses are staying completely out of it, or bombing them both back to the stone age. May our elective representatives make the correct choice. Happy Labor Day.
The big national debate today is whether to bomb or not to bomb in Syria ... with or without Congressional approval ... with or without an international coalition ... all because the Speechifier-In-Chief, who was the candidate who ran on Bush is a war criminal, drew a rhetorical red line in the sand before thinking through the consequences. IMHO the solution is to issue a 'red line waiver' to Syria. If the 'waiver' dodge is good enough for ObamaCare ...
Hey, did you hear about the big MLK commemorative march yesterday? You might think they would have invited the one and only black US Senator to speak. That would be Tim Scott, SC (R)(T). Oops, my bad - wrong party.
When Obama bombs the snot out of Assad, what will become of the evidence on the ground Assad has Saddam's WMD? Future histories hang in the balance.
Remember when Obama (stupidly and divisively) said if he had a son it would look like Trayvon? Well, then, I guess if he was a scout master with a Boy Scout troop it would look like those three stone cold killers in Oklahoma. And not reaching out to the victim's family in what is literally an international incident? Only Obama could screw up relations with Australia (Australia!) from the White House.
With the advent of ObamaCare, I predict an increase in the number of Jewish mothers pressing their sons to become, and their daughters to marry, bureaucrats.
Seen today on the corner of 6th and E Streets, NW, District of Columbia ... a big shiny rescue truck with the markings "National Capital Region Homeland Security" and "Mobile Air Unit 1." A truck. WTF? Does the driver say "Go go gadget, rotors!" to make it fly? And it needs to be numbered? Are there yet more out there?
The difference between Democrat politicians and Mob bosses is the Mob bosses actually find work for their union toadies.
15 year old son informed me today two rival "rap gangs" at his lavishly financed public middle school had been suspended for engaging in a "knife fight" last spring. As a concerned parent, I naturally probed for details to determine if it was time to consider taking on the extra expense of private high school. I asked "was anybody cut"? The answer was "no." A "knife fight" where no one was cut? He has four more years left in the public school system. We might just make it to the end without needing to take the radical action of flight to private school.
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