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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sounds Like a Threat To Me

Astute readers of this blog already know Camp Stinky, McPherson Square has been a regular feature in my life lately.  A fuller account of the human flotsam and jetsam I have encountered there will have to wait for the book, I guess.

Tonight, in true blogger style, however, I am simply sending out a snapshot of our insane times to the world at large.  Starting a couple of days ago, I "got into it" a little bit on the comment board.  You can find the full comment thread here.  Actually, most of the comment activity occurred while I was "WFH" (my current client's acronym for "Working From Home") with a cold bug.  I billed three (3) hours for the meetings I dialed into.

If you don't want to sort through the totality of the madness at the link, the relevant portions for this evening's post follow:

"David" fears LAS. This is useful to the continuation of the republic.

[LAS' real first name redacted] lives at [LAS' real address redacted]; if anyone wants to meet him in person. I want to meet him in person.

Oh, and here is what he looks like:
[My real linkedin photograph redacted]

And the Zombie swarm begins. I welcome the publicity for my blog. Make sure you don't do anything that isn't "largely peaceful" now.

I'm not an occupier; so not a real big fan of the whole nonviolence thing.

Sounds like a direct threat of physical violence. Care to clarify before I contact authorities?

For this evening's post, I invite rational citizens who have stumbled into this post to compose their own replies to "Bplegate" in the comments section of this post. And LAS reminds "Bplegate" I myself stroll through Camp Stinky, McPherson Square 1-2 times daily, between the hours of 10:30 am and 4 pm, depending on the demands the civil society places upon me through the prism of my daily "J-O-B". Just leave a note with the so-called "media tent" - or something.  I guess it will get to me.  Maybe the nut job who was there in Army surplus fatigues on day one, yet has managed to somehow not be arrested yet (the nut job knows what I mean), will hand the note to me.

And let no one forget Barry is down with #occupy.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

Update 12/09/2011

This afternoon seemed like an opportune time to bookend my October 7th #OccupyDC photo essay with a new photo essay.  The October 7th post documented the opening stages of the illegal encampment.  In that post I opined on the underwhelming numbers with the line "I was hoping for more lunatics."

Karma, that cruel bastard, took notice and gave me a great big helping of "be careful what you ask for, you might get it."


McPherson Square from K street. That's a whole lot of REI.

A closer look at some of the flotsam and jetsam. When I approached the camper in the lounge chair, I learned he was reading something by Voltaire. But he declined to have his picture taken, and I obliged - not realizing he was already captured on the edges of this shot. Oops.

Another look at the growing public health hazard. But, apparently, squirrel heaven.

The facilities.

You almost have to admire the ingenuity of the camper who fashioned see-through living quarters out of scrap plastic. Except the briefest inspection reveals it is not even close to water tight. The man in my photo taking a photo is a fellow TEA Party patriot documenting the madness for the historical record. This is his Facebook page.

This native-looking structure is clearly not water tight either, the top being completely open, chimney style.

This lovely creature shielded her face with the coffee mug - then told me she'd beat me to death with the mug if I tried taking her photo again.  My fellow TEA Party patriot appears in the background.

Not your father's skate park. You can't see it, but the skateboard enthusiast is wearing the anarchist's facial bandana as a fashion accessory.  The expensive gear hanging off her shoulders somehow makes me think she hasn't actually thought much about the actual politics of 'anarchy.'

The polished young gentleman flipping me the bird assured me everything was non-violent.

Tai-Chi exercises or self-defense lessons?

#10 is my personal favorite.  Click to enlarge and zoom.

Fatigue Boy is the nut job I mentioned above in the main body of the post. He's still very proud of avoiding arrest thus far. His sign is meant to harass the guy next to him (more in a moment) - but it of course looks like he's talking about himself. I say arrest the moron for stupidity. Who could possibly look more like a danger to himself and others?

This working class hero has had enough - and has started his own one man counter protest. If this weren't DC, I'd feel confident predicting he has started a trend. This being DC, all I can say is: hang in there, fella. You are a beacon of hope.

These trust fund kiddies on an excellent adventure are sleeping in a tent flying the black and red Anarchist flag. They were also engaged in the juvenile harassment of the one man counter protest. When I mocked the bullshit Anarchy angle, the tubby red head attempted to mount the poor dog like a horse. Where's PETA when they are really needed?

The civil society grows more bemused by the day.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Update #2 12/09/11

Ruh-Roh! Maybe Fatigue Boy's arrest record is no longer untarnished.
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