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Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Open Letter To Our Unionized Public Servants

Let’s get a few things straight right off the bat.

You work for us - the taxpayers. And don’t give me that tired old line about you paying taxes, too. Every thin dime on that W2 of yours originated from us. The only reason some of the lines on that W2 say “xyz taxes” is the IRS and the other government shysters figured out a long time ago that collecting their vig up front makes most of the citizenry blind to how much is being confiscated. There are really only two big pots of wealth. Pot A is the wealth generated in the private sector. Pot B is the wealth allocated from Pot A to be spent in the public sector. We create what goes into Pot A and pay taxes into Pot B. The government pays you out of Pot B and pretends you pay taxes back into the very same pot. Like I said, you work for us.

If you’re a cop or a firefighter don’t play the “dangerous service” card with me, either. My father was a cop – a damn good one, too – and we’ve had this conversation. We both agree no amount of 'service' gives anyone the right to bankrupt the entire society. In fact, if you are willing to bankrupt the entire society to protect your compensation package – I don’t think you really understand the concept of ‘service.’ This is about society’s checkbook. News flash - we’re broke.

If you’re a teacher, don’t give me any crap about “the children.” If you had dragged either of my kids to Madison – illegally blowing off your job – I can assure you they would have blown you off and found something useful to do. You know why? My wife and I have raised then to be citizens. You (the teachers who dragged their students to Madison in violation of your contracts) are zombies – and you have nothing but contempt from me, my wife, and my kids.

If you’re a paper pusher – I’m in no mood right now to give you the time of day.

Regardless of who you are, if you fit the description ‘unionized public servant,’ understand this – there are a hell of a lot more of us than you. There has to be – just do the math. We create Pot A and contribute toward Pot B. You depend entirely upon Pot B. Are you a citizen or a committed dependent of Pot B? Now is the time to decide. Now means now.

OK, so now that we’ve done some level setting – let’s talk about what’s going on in Madison.

First...Duh!, we’re broke.

Do you think kicking in half of your retirement fund is a horror? Duh, I contribute every thin dime to my own retirement.

Do you object to contributing a mere 13% to your gold-plated health insurance plan? Duh, I contribute 50% to my tin-plated health insurance plan.

Do you think everyone who has the same bureaucratically defined job code as you should be compelled to contribute dues to the union? Who told you that – the burly guy with the crooked nose?

Bottom Line - You need to decide right now whether you are a citizen or a Union Zombie. If you are a citizen - welcome aboard. If you are a Union Zombie, then I’ll see you in the streets.

Because even our women are ready to throw down.

(That means “F-U” – assuming you choose to stand as a dependent of Pot B.)
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  1. Jethro ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐February 20, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    I wonder if agitator-in-chief's use of OFA money to support the Madison protesters is an impeachable offense?

  2. Well, it is certainly an abuse of power. One of many in a file of abuses that is already busting at the seams and growing constantly.

    If *anything* is impeachable, a pattern of repeatedly abusing power has to be it. And since the Alinsky model is all about seizing power and abusing it, you can see how the charge has been inevitable all along.

  3. Obama is NOT a LEADER.

    He is a partisan hack still in the community organizer mode. He is more interested in socialism then in leading.

    He is not a leader. In fact he is quite probably the least qualified president we have ever elected and yet his numbers continue at around 50 percent.

    It shows how effective Alinsky really is at bamboozling the masses for quite some time.

  4. Yes, prohibiting public unions would be wise. This could be the one and only issue where LibertyAtStake is in common accord with FDR. On second thought, I'll add kicking Nazi ass - so that's two things.

  5. They always drag out the "children" excuse. I heard one teacher who was against the teachers say that never, not once, had she attended a union meeting where the children and their education was discussed, that they only wanted to talk about how to squeeze more benefits out of government (a/k/a the taxpayer).

    Pretty sad.

    Right Truth

  6. @Debbie: Sorry for the delay in moderating your comment. Day job, and all that, you know. My wife is in the teaching profession, and she'll be the first one to point out her union-protected colleagues who should be summarily fired for absolute incompetence.

  7. I'll add your wife to my list of honest teachers. It isn't very long. She makes it two.

    I used to get sick of meeting number one in the parking lot at the school, while she glanced nervously around to make sure no one was watching, to ask her to help my "learning disabled" child.

    She had to hide the fact that the school limited her on extra help she offered him, so he wouldn't be "labelled".

    Disgusting bunch...

  8. By the same idiotic logic of this blogger we should all have the power to lower the wages of the CEO of any business whose product we purchase simply because " Every thin dime on that W2 of yours originated from us".

  9. @Anonymous: I can see you are a lost cause. But, in the spirit of the new civility, I'll give it one more try. Slowly.

    The CEO can be fired by the shareholders if the company doesn't produce the earnings they expect. The public is not required by force of law to purchase that company's product or service. If the public doesn't find the product or service worth its price, the company fails.

    We the People are thoroughly dissatisfied with government's performance across the board. Did any light bulbs go on in that dim dome of yours?

    btw - Next time at least come up with a screen name and minimal profile. "Anonymous" is so wussie.


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