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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Outlook

The 2011 outlook for this blog project is bright. As for the country – 'not so much' (gratuitous Borat reference).

These two prognostications have the same two contributory root causes. First and foremost is the corrupt gang of Progressive hacks known as the Obama administration; as well as their legion of faceless accomplices in the unionized government bureaucracy. I have absolute, ironclad, complete, and total confidence these enemies of the republic will provide great fodder for this blog - and also pose great danger to the country throughout 2011.

Secondarily, the Republican caucus on Capitol Hill will play its’ part. The GOP has been issued instructions by We The People to use the powers of the purse and the subpoena to keep this corrupt gang in check for the next two years. My confidence in the Dumbo/RINO caucus to execute these instructions is …. 'not so much' (there’s Borat again).

I guess I should throw in the criminally biased MSM – now officially recognized as useless throughout the land - as a contributing factor. The criminally biased MSM’s contribution will be their standard issue incompetence and cluelessness, thereby driving more and more citizens into the blogosphere.  The blogosphere will function as the fourth estate keeping all the political protagonists honest throughout 2011. My own research into this burgeoning “community” during 2010 gives me a great deal of optimism for the future of the republic. It’s especially significant to note, by the way, this particular “community” self organizes. This self-organizing nature is precisely what makes it absolutely beyond the statist’s ability to control, to the statist’s dismay.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Citizens of the blogosphere – Let’s go statist hunting in 2011!


The statists loyal to the Empty Suit Who Would be Emperor are off to a fast start fulfilling my prognostication for 2011.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted itself new, unlawful, powers. You know, because Internet bandwidth is such limited commodity we need unaccountable eggheads to decide for us how to ration it.

Kathleen Sebelius, known for sitting virtually silent through the historic and phony Blair House Summit, has appointed herself sole arbiter for pricing for any all health care services throughout the land. You know, because price controls have worked so well every time they’ve been tried.

Ms. Sebelius has also appointed herself sole arbiter of who the law applies to. You know, because the uneven application of standards is a proven method for keeping everyone happy.

Attorney General Holder, well known coward on matters of Jihad, is still barreling ahead with his lawless course - still suing Arizona for enforcing the law, while taking a pass on prosecuting New Black Panther thugs for breaking it, and now daring us to take him to task on his neglect of duty.

The statist foot soldiers in the unionized government bureaucracy are also out of the gate fast – with blood on their hands. New York’s Department of Sanitation seemed at first incapable of clearing New York’s streets of snow from the latest blizzard. Some of us may have initially scratched our heads with the thought, “haven’t they done this before?” Come to find out it wasn’t mere incompetence – it was dereliction of duty resulting in at least two deaths. The union bosses who gave these orders should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

New York City, statist model of efficiency that it is, also seems to like to pay perverts for literally doing nothing for literally years. You can blame the statists in the unionized education association bureaucracy for this outrage.

Memo to Congressional GOP: This is not optional – you must take a serious run at the unelected and unionized bureaucrats’ lunch money in 2011. If you don’t want to take my word for it, then consult my new favorite professional analyzer at the Heritage Foundation.


So, let’s go statist hunting in 2011, patriots of the blogosphere. The criminally biased MSM will be no help whatsoever. This is their wunderkind, for God’s sake.

It's Only Confusing For Pseudo-Intellectual Eggheads.

Update 01/03/11

When I was riffing in the middle of this post on Progressive outrages, I should have mentioned the EPA’s war on Texas. You know, because the gas you and I exhale, and plants inhale, is such a danger to mother Gaia.
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  1. Great analysis sir. It may be interesting to see how everything pans out. I too, have little faith in the GOP's ability to handle our rather simple instructions.

  2. God bless America!

    God bless Liberty At Stake!

    Happy New Year, homie.

  3. @Matt: We'll know soon enough how serious the GOP is about the mandate we've given them. Assuming seriousness, we should see brief bills pass the House in short order to (1) remove any doubt the FCC has *no* authority over the Internet and (2) remove any doubt the EPA has *no* authority to regulate carbon dioxide.

  4. @kingshamus: 'Homie'? Happy New Year to you, dude. Good to have you on our side.

  5. We are 12 days in now, and have a major murder first and foremost on our minds. I expect Republican leadership to stand strong and defiant against the calls for gun control and and speech control. This must make the GOP all the more determined to get these loathesome Liberals to the back row.


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